S3YOC Chapter 7

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  Behind the car window with the privacy film, she put her delicate and cute face, with slightly round peach eyes widened curiously, she kept exploring the strange world outside.

  ”Mom… Qing…” Fu Sijin, who noticed Qing Qing’s behavior and didn’t know how to call her, simply omitted this difficult name choice and directly asked: “What are you looking at?”

  ”A little bird.” Qing Qing pointed outside the car window and signaled Fu Sijin to look at it also.

  Fu Sijin was driving and couldn’t turn his head to check. Hearing that this was just a child’s curiosity, that even a roadside bird was enough to surprise her, he didn’t bother himself too much to the topic.

  The car drove all the way to the largest commercial plaza in the city center, and from a certain distance, they could already see the big designed ball at the center of the plaza.

  This ball can be called one of the city’s iconic landmarks, and it also represented the giant Fu Group that stands behind it.

  ”Wow, that ball is so big!”

  Sitting behind the window of the car, Qing Qing looked new to everything, especially to this huge ant gigantic ball building, which completely attracted all her eyes.

  ”Don’t be too surprised about it.” Fu Sijin said plainly: “This ball, including the building behind, is all yours.”

  To be precise, this was a gift for the 20th anniversary wedding his mother received from his father.

  Although his mother, who received the gift, at that time did not seem to be very happy.

  Fu Sijin thought to himself that compared to this kind of gift that cost money, his mother may want father to quit working and just spend a good day with her.

       After getting out of the car, Fu Sijin carried Qingqing away with his long legs and directly went to the children’s clothing area on the third floor.

  Those who can be stationed in this mall are all well-known international brands. Apart from anything else, at least the quality of the clothes is absolutely guaranteed.

  As soon as he reached the third floor, Fu Sijin put down Qingqing directly and gestured at the children’s clothing stores: “Choose whatever you like.”

  Qingqing did not move, but tightened her hold on Fu Sijin’s legs, hiding behind with a timid expression. She just stood there watching the people coming and going around the store.

  There were too many people.

  She was like a little person who accidentally got into the country of adults. For the first time in her life, she saw many huge strangers, and this scene scared her.

  ”What’s the matter?” Fu Sijin, who was obviously tall with his long legs, towered the whole crowd by his 1.8-meter height. He just couldn’t understand the fear of a three-year old little dumpling.

  He was somewhat feeling awkward again as this little child remained hidden behind his trousers.

  ”I’m afraid.” Like a drowning man grabbing the driftwood tightly, Qingqing’s two small hands stubbornly hold onto Fu Sijin’s trouser legs, with great force, pulling out a lot of wrinkles from the originally flattened fabric.

  ”Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

  Fu Sijin tried to pull Qingqing off his legs, but the scared Qingqing hid back, and changed his hold in to hugs: “I don’t wanna!”

  ”You let me go first.”

  The pedestrians passing by cast their eyes curiously, Fu Sijin was so embarrassed that his fair and handsome face turned red.

  He was now a little bit angry.

  ”No, no… Qingqing is very afraid.”

  Because of too much fear, Qingqing’s slightly faint brows wrinkled tightly, and the whole cute little face was stiff, showing a somewhat familiar seriousness.

  Fu Sijin’s originally tightened hand loosened, and then he met the peach eyes that were very similar to him.

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