IJWLHGRAR Chapter 11.2

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The intention of the student just now, by deliberately making the teacher call Su Cheng, is to watch her make a fool of herself. But they were destined to be disappointed as Su Cheng’s crisp voice sounded:


“Qiefu, the world…you can also…what?..” (Obviously the whole paragraph was not written in the raw and I don’t know from what quote did the author took this so I just wrote what it translate.)


The whole paragraph of the text was recited by Su Cheng without hesitation and pause.


At this moment, the class was in complete silence, and everyone looked at Su Cheng with a look of disbelief: Did she just recited the whole text, Isn’t this the definition of a good student?


The Chinese teacher looked at Su Cheng with satisfaction.


“Do you know the purpose of this article?” the teacher asked.


“The author wrote this article based on the past to satirize the present, in order to admonish the emperor of that time…” Su Cheng camly said with a bit of confidence present.


After answering several reading questions for the texts, Su Cheng gradually found a pattern: in fact, such questions were very easy to answer, in which one just needs to understand the background.

As for how to answer, there were few key points present: The worry about the country and the people, Using material things to express feelings, analyze the present from the past.


“En, yes.” The teacher nodded and asked Su Cheng to sit down kindly.


[Did Su Cheng read the book secretly just now?】


【No, I don’t think she even opened the book.】


【I thought she was going to be reprimanded.】


The Chinese teacher of Class A is definitely an ” exterminator teacher”. If she call someone up and let him or her recites a person who hadn’t memorized the text during the class, he or she will be punished by copying the text for 10 times after class.


[What if her language proficiency is actually very good? 】


【Have you ever seen Su Cheng be like this? 】



Su Cheng didn’t know that she had become the center of everyone’s discussion in the class.

She was just sitting in her seat while calmly writing down the topic on notebook, listen to the teacher and read the book, but she would have never thought that another storm centered around her was approaching quietly.



Back to Gu’s house.


At the dinner table in the evening, Gu Guofeng asked again: “Do you have enough money, Su Cheng? If you don’t have enough, you can tell it to us, your uncle and aunt.”


As soon as Gu Guofeng’s words fell, Su Cheng seemed to hear Gu Cheng snorting next to her.


Gu Cheng sneered in his heart: How could the Ye family’s hundreds of thousands of deposits not enough for here?


“Thank you Uncle Gu and Aunt Zhou, I am pretty fine with my current expenses.” Su Cheng answered.


In this life, no matter how difficult she will experience, she will never take the Gu family’s money ever again.


What’s more, in nearly a week, her live account has made about 1,000 yuan, and she might even get more in the future, which makes Su Cheng confident about her future.



In Su Cheng’s live studio, there have been three or four hundred individuals waiting just to see the anchor starting the game.


As a result, everyone was surprised to find that today, the anchor finally changed the hero she will operate.


[Big Orange finally changed the hero!】


【Hurray, ​​it’s finally not a Daji anymore. Congratulations! 】


【Finally! It is changed! To be honest, Daji’s operation is really too simple, that made me want to never look at it.]


[Huh? Why did the anchor change it to Angela? I think that if the host wants to change the hero, it should be changed to the sister Qiao or Wanmei. 】


【Why use this, are the other heroes bad?]


Su Cheng: “No, this hero was given by signing in today.”


“As for the other heroes…”, Su Cheng glanced at her gold coin and said: “I can’t afford it now.”

As soon as Su Cheng said this, the live broadcast room comment area was instantly overpowered with [Hahaha] in the screen.


[Haha, what a ridiculous reason. 】


【Almost forgot, that this anchor is also called the laziest game anchor on the platform. She will only play two or three games a day. It’s strange that her gold coins are not enough, but this reason really bought me into laughing.】


【After 6 days of playing, but she’s still at the silver rank, this can be connected to what big orange said the other day, right?】


[No wonder, when someone suggested to change the hero the day before yesterday, the anchor said to wait, it turned out to be this reason.】


【Big Orange, you gave me a big laugh this day. 】


【Haha, the anchor is just too cute. 】


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