IJWLHGRAR chapter 11.3

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【We finally identified the poorest game anchor in the history.】

【In order to see the anchor play for my whole life, I decided to donate my pocket money to Big Orange from today onwards. 】

【A reward for you, quickly give me the title of the king!]

Cheng mind was blank as she saw many rewards coming on her screen.

Is this the rewards wave I heard about? Am I going to have a bunch of money now?

Su Cheng: “Thank you everyone.”

How will the anchor play Angela today?】

After all, this was a reward hero after logging in for a week. (If anyone have played ML, the game is like that.)

[Anchor, will you play Angela today?]

Su Cheng: “Yes.”

Watching Su Cheng’s wave of god-level operations, everyone knows that Big Orange’s operations are extremely good. It’s obviously an OK, a very big OK!

[Fuck! This controls are too slippery!]

Anchors did lied to me, obviously Angela is your main hero, right?! 】

【The host is so cool. I must screen record this game! When I finished recording it, I will send it to my circle of friends.】

【The operation is so awesome that I am starting to doubt life.】

【There is also the position, the position of the big orange will always be the center point that I cannot understand!] [Angela! Such an Angel ] After changing to a hero with high operability, Su Cheng played the game with ease.

Occasionally, Su Cheng will add a sentence or two for explanation like any other game anchors: “First one skill, then skill two, and then you come here…”

[Finally there is an explanation, haha.] [Anchor’s voice is 100 points.】

【If the anchor used a voice-changing software, please don’t change it, I really like this voice!] [I’m over, I will patronized and listened to the voice. I will be too distracted to watch how the anchor played.] [Me too…]

After that, the game is over.

Changing the hero, cause the relationship between audience and Su Cheng to change from what it was before.

Although she was still an inconspicuous little anchor, Su Cheng soon gained fame.

Walking in the school, Su Cheng even heard someone mention her once.

“If you want to play Angela, I recommend a game broadcaster to you.”

“Who? Big hang?”

“No, it’s a small broadcaster, here, let me share it with you. You go and see, how Big Orange plays Angela. Her attacks are very slick.”


【Don’t leave big orange, let’s have another round.】

【I didn’t see enough for today, I strongly demand another round.】

【Look at the one next door, they also opened the account. Now they are all gold. Aren’t you embarrassed for still being a silver ranker?]

Broadcasting all the game that an anchor did from the beginning is the kind of theme Su Cheng choose for her broadcast. Starting at the bottom and gradually grow is what she learned from many small streamers in her previous life.

Therefore, a group of broadcasters also gave birth to a new pleasure for the viewerd: Watching a game anchor develop into a big shot.

[My anchor grows too slowly, is she malnourished?】

【My anchor’s growth rate broke my heart.】

Everyone’s comments made Su Cheng dumbfounded.

“Sorry, that’s for today.” She wants to start studying now.

Because it will be a monthly test in two days, Su Cheng can only compress the live broadcast time.

At 12:30 in the evening, Su Cheng was about ti go to sleep.

Su Cheng was startled by a bang outside the window.

No need to guess, Su Cheng knows: Gu Cheng must have returned from the outside window again.

It’s just that today is a bit different from the previous few times. In the past, even if Su Cheng didn’t listen carefully of what’s happening outside, she still didn’t notice anything wrong, but now, the movements outside has lasted for such a long time.

That guy won’t be so drunk, right? How come he stumbled?

However, with the previous experience, this time Su Cheng would not be too curious to go out and watch the ruckus outside.

Su Cheng wrapped herself in the quilt, holding the anti-thief spray in her left hand, and holding the electric shock baton in her right hand, staring vigilantly in the direction of the window until the outside movements calmed down.

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