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From Google Translations:

[1st paragraph]  Jiang Ya confessed to leave from the back door of the nightclub after his work. Here you can take a shortcut to get back to the rented place earlier. Every day you leave work at three or four in the morning.

[2nd paragraph]  If you happen to happen, you can also meet someone who has an early stall.

[3rd paragraph] The work of the nightclub manager sounds pretty glamorous, In fact, it’s not enough to sleep for a long time, and it’s too tired to die.

[1st paragraph]   Jiang Ya always took the back door of the nightclub after his work. Here he can take a shortcut in order to return to his rented place earlier. Every day he leaves for work at 3-4 in the morning.

[2nd paragraph]   If he has time, he will take a breakfast in a stall that opens early in the morning.

[3rd paragraph]    For others, the work of a manager may sound pretty glamorous, in fact, this kind of work does not give him enough sleep and he feel like dying having almost no sleep but still needs to work.

Notice that the second paragraph is different from the original, right? If the sentence doesn’t make sense, just change it to something that can be connected to the next sentence.

Try it yourself!

Today is not peaceful, the police station’s cars are patrolling back and forth, and the underworld figures seem to be very nervous. I don’t know what happened.

  The back door of the nightclub is a small street, the street is not wide and somewhat complicated, with all kinds of small and chaotic store faces, recycling old mobile phones, recycling old gold flies, and small hotels where you can check in without registration.

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