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Commonly used terms in historical novels

帝后門 [di huo men] ——— Emperors and Empresses

帝[di]——— Emperor and Supreme Ruler

皇帝 [huang di]——-Emperor

太上皇帝 tai shang huang di or 太上皇 tai shang huang ————-Emperor Emeritus

Note: Notice that in korean historical drama there is also the huang word? This is because some korean words were derived from Chinese.

The word huang is mostly used by the emperor to refer himself ex: This Huang…

When it is used in a sentence, it is to refer someone with the highest position.

監國 [jian guo]————–Regent

后[huo]——– Empress

皇后 [huang hou]——–Empress

太皇太后 [tai huang tai hou]—————Grand Empress Dowager

皇太后 [huang tai hou] or 太后 [tai hou]———Empress Dowager

內命婦 [Nèi mìngfù]——— Imperial Harem

太皇太妃 [tai huang tai fei]——–Grand Consort Dowager

皇太妃 [huang tai fei] or 太妃 [tai fei] ———-Consort Dowager

皇貴妃 [huang gui fei]————Imperial Honored Consort

貴妃 [gui fei]————Honored Consort

皇妃 [huang fei]———– Imperial Consort

妃 [fei]——————-Consort

嬪 [pin]—————-Concubine

昭儀 [zhao yi]————Lady of Bright Deportment

婕妤 [jie yu]—————Lady of Handsome Fairness

美人 [mei ren]—————Beautiful Lady

才人 [cai ren]————Talented Lady

貴人 [gui ren]————Worthy Lady

選侍 [xuan shi]————Chosen Attendant

淑女 [shu nü]———-Lady

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