Becoming the fiancee of the male lead from a harem book?!

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Chinese Name: 成了后宫文男主的炮灰未婚妻




Rating: 5 out of 5.


Chen Wanwan transmigrated into a harem book and became the male lead’s cannon fodder fiancee!
Mu Shaohan, the third young master of the Mu family, is also the head of the family of God’s Imperial City!
Because of the scheme of a traitor, his spiritual roots were ruined, so his spiritual power cannot be condensed, and he was reduced to a joke of the city, despised, and insulted!

Thousands of young girls are crazy about winning the bones of the gods, like a fish in the water, and stepping on the path of the strong again!

That’s right, this is the plot inside the book!

However, the fact is that the male protagonist does not follow what the plot is alll about!

Say good bye to the power!
Say goodbye to the spirit beast army!
Say goodbye to the three thousand ladies in the harem!

Chen Wanwan: I didn’t mean to conceal this to everyone, in fact I wanted the 3000 harem!

Manual from the author:
1. The male protagonist is reborn, and he is a glutinous rice ball (The outside is seen white but the inside is black)
2. 2. The author has limited abilities, and there may be some holes in this story. Those who are perfectionist are not welcome to read!
3. 3. This article is a sweet, a fluffy story without the abuse of between the characters!



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