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It’s been hundreds of years since the technology started to rise in the Luminous Star Earth. The already powerful clans becomes more powerful, while the weak becomes weaker. It is inevitable as it is the rule of the world, the powerful are the nobles and the weakest are the commoners. But there are certain people that maintain the balance of both side, they are the STAR sect. The most powerful sect, they are the symbol fairness and justice.

The Star sect is divided into two palace: Star Justice and Star Peace.
The Star Justice palace requires youths that believes in justice, they shall seek for true evidence and rely their judgements purely on the evidence. They need to be strong in order to face brutal enemies, smart to find out the enemies scheme and courageous to face each unknown obstacles.

The Star peace palace maintains the order of the world, they seek for equality and equity. Fairness is what maintains the peace, balancing the power is what prevents war. The members must be fair, someone who is not biased to anyone and remains neutral no matter what ciscumstances can happens. Skilled

The members of the palace can only be recruited by passing a trial under the age of 25 but at least 15 years old. The already member of the sect can nominate their children. One member, one child if both of the parents are members they can only nominate 2 children at most.

There is a mystery happening every year on the trial. The youths with more potential or the one considered black horses, disappears on the thin air with no clues at all. It was first believed that they were murdered by the other participants due to jealousy, but it was soon changed when the disappearance happens every year on the same date and time.

Every 10 years, the Star sect organized an event in order to recruit from the nobles and commoners in the sect. It is a survival show aired whole over the world. Only people below 25 years old can participate. They need to pass certain trials in which will determine if they are qualified to enter the sect and be a member of it.



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