IJWLHRAR Chapter 12.4

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“This time, our class grade average is sure to go down, I expect that Gu Cheng will be mad especially towards someone like Su Cheng.”

“Did she get in through the backdoor in order to attend the key class?”

“Her score should have not passed the minimum for the key class? Isn’t there a minimum requirement for our key class passing grades, right?”

“There was such a thing before, but it seems the teachers will turn blind eye to this.”

“So this Su Cheng will continue attending our class?”

“Although, because of her existence my ranking is not the last, I still hope she can not be part of our class.”

“You are wrong. It’s not due Su Cheng’s credit that you ranked up this time, but because Gu Cheng didn’t take the exam, haha…”

Everyone turned their dissatisfaction towards Su Cheng into a private backstabbing.

However, no one would have thought that Su Cheng had already taken the initiative to go to the class teacher’s office in order to apply for a transfer of class.

“You said you want to go transfer over to a normal class?” When he heard Su Cheng’s request, the class teacher was actually surprised.

After all, the key classes were not accessible to any ordinary people who wanted to enter even with money.

The school previously admitted Su Cheng, with the conditions that her grades can pass the bare minimum for the normal classes to keep her in the key Class. So even if her grades are at the bottom of the class, she will not be easily rejected from the key class.

“My monthly test results this time should not have reached the passing score for the key class. Moreover, there are at least a hundred points of difference.” Su Cheng tried really hard to convince the teacher for the transfer. She continued:

“So, teacher, please just let me transfer to an ordinary class. ”

“Have you thoroughly thought about it?” The head teacher asked.

“Yes, I thought it over and over again. I can’t keep up with the learning rhythm of the key class and maybe the one from the ordinary class is more suitable for me.”

‘This is the truth’ The head teacher secretly said in his heart and nodded as a response to Su Cheng.

The head teacher of key Class A submitted Su Cheng’s transfer application to the school administrator.

As soon as the Principal Chen took a notice to this matter, he specifically contacted Mrs. Gu. After explaining over the situation, he specifically emphasized: The student was the one who requested for the transfer, not the school. She used the excused that her learning pace can’t keep up with the current class.

After knowing that it was Su Cheng who requested for the transfer, she didn’t say much and just agreed for the new arrangements.

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