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Translator: K_laoshi

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I thought I was a genius.

It’s embarrassing to look back on now. 

I really thought I was a genius.

I had so much talent that I misunderstood myself as a talented genius. I didn’t have much trouble learning new things from my childhood, and I was always ahead of others.

Yet, it was only easy in the beginning. At first, I improved faster than the others, but at the same time, I was like others.

I didn’t think much of it.

This could happen.

Getting better little by little.

I can do it.

I am a genius.

Eventually, I realized the reality that I didn’t want to know.

I’m not really a genius.

It was because I met a ‘real’ genius who couldn’t compare with me that broke the funny illusion I created myself.

A frog in a well that he mistook himself as a genius.

When I was feeling superior in my little well, the real genius was already flying in the wide sky.

I hate this genius one.

Sometimes I hear people speak as if they can do what they can, I see that a lot.

Whether they really think so or try to ignore something worse.

Anyway, I feel like a shit when I hear it.

‘Are you jealous?’

I was just a jealous man. So I acted like a shit, but now what kind of jealousy I am feeling?

‘I didn’t expect you to think that way. I’m just… Because I feel sorry for you.’

You’re sad? Why?

‘If you tried a little harder…….’

What do you know about my efforts?

‘You could have done a lot better.’

Hey, I’m still doing well enough. Your standards are extremely high. How can everyone do it like you? Don’t think that you’re a genius and everyone else can do it like you.

Do you understand?

I can’t do it like you.

* * *

“Get out.”

I squeezed out a voice that wasn’t coming out. I have a hole in the chest and It seems like they are using magic just to such hol , but it’s no use.


I never imagined she would make that face. I used to make a mean expression about everything, but I guess I did have a grudge.

“So…… that’s why I told you. Just go back. Why are you so stubborn and following me…….”

“Senya, put this in first.”

My voice doesn’t come out as I wanted, only blood shot up from my throat.

“An Elixir! Why would you use something precious here that you don’t have a few? Don’t be so silly.”


“No thanks. I know my body best. I can’t live any longer. I’m about to die.”

I’m going to die.

He resigned even before he had a hole in his chest. He was a complete fool from the start. 

“Go back, wait.” 

He ignored his worries and criticism and followed him to this point.

“……I could have avoided it.”

A brusque voice: ‘You were so annoying until the end.’

“You didn’t have to do this.”

“Get out of here.”

“I’m sure you knew.”

That this was a situation that would happen anytime soon, although it was a complete crisis, it wouldn’t have been good for you.

Didn’t you know that? I know. We’ve been together for a long time. What a ridiculous monster are you? I knew a lot of people who talk about you as a monster.

“……you didn’t have to die like this.”

Then how should I have died? You know it too. It was a miracle that I came all the way here. If it weren’t for you. I could never have come this far.

“……this is an honorable death.”

It’s hard to speak in this state. I could only tell you this much.

“I thought it would be a burden if we went together. I didn’t want to go back.”

I didn’t want to live my life as a cripple.

“You’re really great. I didn’t need to cover you up.”

He flew knowing it. This body, which could not move well, moved unexpected at that moment. In order to save you, I pushed the bad guy away, and I had a big hole in my chest.

“…I’m sleepy, so go now.”

It’s hard to squeeze my voice. My voice starts fading, and I heard sobs not far from my place. I can’t lift my fingers now, and my body starts to feel heavy. Slowly, my sight turns black.

“Thank you.”

At the end, I heard his voice. ‘Hey, you should have told me earlier if you were going to. But I feel good actually. I’ve never heard you thanking me in my life.’


Um, that’s…


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