S3YOC Chapter 13

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When she heard the door closing, she climbed out of the sofa she was told to rest on. With both hands and feet, she crawled until the edges. Seeing that the sofa was quite high, she started ‘planning’ on how to get down. 

Only after giving herself a lot of courage that she broke out from the psychological barrier of the high ‘cliff’ she was currently on…

She slowly turned around, moved her little butt, and grabbed a part of the sofa to hold on. Her feet were hanging down but still didn’t reach the floor. She tried repeatedly, stretching her little legs as much as she wanted on the edge of the ‘cliff’. Only when her small toes received a cold sensation and safety was confirmed, she let her body slide down the edges  of the sofa little by little.

After finally sitting on the ground, Qingqing wiped away the non-existent sweat and let out a small breath.

This is really tiring. But at least I got down the high cliff, with my courage! 

She had successfully escaped from the prison!

Climbing up from the ground, Qingqing tiptoed to the door, quietly opened a gap, and peeked outside.

The big villain who had just scared her seemed to be arguing with Xiao Jin. He was so emotional that his pure and handsome face turned red.

“Since you know, why don’t you stop that woman?” Fu Sishen said angrily.

“That woman? That’s your mother! How can you disrespect her?” Fu Siji looked very cold and dissatisfied towards his brother’s disrespect to their mother.

“Mother? Can a mother really do such a thing? Why didn’t she think I was her son when she dumped the check at my girlfriend’s face?” Fu Sishen’s angry roar shook Qingqing’s ears.

She frowned, rubbed her ears, but still continued listening.

“Still, didn’t your girlfriend took the check and disappeared?” Fu Sijin said indifferently: “She doesn’t love you at all, otherwise she won’t leave you just for money.”

“What a bullshit!” Like a cat with its tail stomped on, Fu Sishen’s anger exploded instantly, “An Ran is not that kind of person at all!”

Seeing him like this, Fu Sijin didn’t bother to talk about him anymore and just drove the other away: “Are you finished? Go away then. Unlike you, having nothing to do, I still have a job and a company to manage.”

This sentence is not an excuse.

There are still a lot of papers on his desk that have not been processed. If these are not processed quickly, he will have to work overtime at night.

Seeing his elder brother’s attitude, Fu Sishen calmed his self down.

The fire went out, but the grievances in his heart still remained.

He grabbed the cold water from the coffee table and drank it, then slumped down on the sofa, his long legs stretched out indistinctly, and his eyes swept to the lounge door from time to time.

“Hey, brother, who is that kid in there? Don’t tell me she is your illegitimate daughter? Mother will go crazy, if she comes to know this.”

His eldest brother is his mother’s best masterpiece, if she knows what this masterpiece has done behind her. One life at that, the consequences…tsk.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the end is coming, this only applies between his mother and his brother’s relationship.

“You think too much.” Fu Sijin said with a black face.

“Really?” Fu Sishen looked at him suspiciously: “Then who is she?”

“I’m your mother.” Qingqing couldn’t hold back and answered him.

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