IJWLHGRAR Chapter 12.5

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In the afternoon after school.

The head teacher called Su Cheng out, and told her that the school agreed to her request to transfer classes. She was arranged to be transferred to the regular class 17.

“Can I pack up now?” Su Cheng asked.


Seeing that Su Cheng was excited about being transferred to a new class immediately after the exam, the head teacher’s mouth twitched: Is the feng shui inside their classroom not good enough? Or is it my fault? Was I good enough as a teacher? Why was Su Cheng so impatient to leave my class?

“Yes, you can go and prepare your things. I will take you to the head teacher of Class 17.”

Under the gaze of everyone in Class A, Su Cheng packed her own things and walked out of the classroom with her head high.

“Where are you going to be transferred over?” Qi Yixuan asked Su Cheng next to him.

Su Cheng: “Normal class.”

Su Cheng left. He glanced at the emptied desk next to him. Qi Yixuan’s eyes sank slightly. He couldn’t tell what he was feeling, but he knew that he felt a little empty.

On the other side, Su Cheng was very happy to leave the key class and, along with the head class teacher, she met her new head teacher.

The head teacher of Class 17 was a 40-year-old male teacher with the surname Zhang. He doesn’t usually pick up students who have fallen out from the key classes, but still accepted the new student to his class.

Taking a glance at Su Cheng’s test scores and test papers, Teacher Zhang nodded calmly: “Her foundation is a little weak. Although she have fallen into an ordinary class, she just needs to relax and work even harder.”

“I will definitely work hard.” Su Cheng said with a confident look. The new head teacher nodded seriously.

“Class is almost over today, so you don’t need to go to the classroom. You just need to come to me in order to report tomorrow morning and I will take you to the classroom directly.”

“Okay, thank you Teacher Zhang.”

Watching Su Cheng’s polite attitude towards his new head teacher, the head teacher of Class A felt a little sad. Although it is good for him to send away a student who has dragged down the class’s total score, the difference in attitude of this student and with his original students was so obvious.

Shouldn’t she feel frustrated to fall out of the key class? Or is he really a bad class teacher for her? Is he not as good as the head teacher of an ordinary class?


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