DRCFW Chapter 12

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Translator: OurPrinceNiki

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Just putting my translations from other groups here.

Shen Kaibo didn’t go away, but became even more arrogant. “I know where you live. It’s a very remote place. Believe it or not, I can find it…”

  Fu Yao frowned slightly, and fell silent, then she responded, “I don’t have a mobile phone, I only accept cash.” 

The yellow-haired boy got excited, took out a card from his pocket, and threw it to a punk boy[1] behind him, “Withdrew the money!” 

The school bell rang. 

A large number of students poured into the canteen, and their movement aroused many people’s onlookers.

  ”Isn’t that Shen Kaibo? Why did he get involved with the transferred student?”

  ”The new student is covered by Principal Lin, so he dares to provoke her?”

  ”It seems like the new student volunteered. It’s10,000 yuan to go to the forest behind the school with Bo brother!”

  ” Oh! Now there is a good show!”

  ”Haha, does Principal Lin knows what kind of person she is…”

  There is an ATM in the cafeteria, the punk boy took the card and ran to withdraw money. Few students who were queuing to withdraw money recognized the minion and did not dare to provoke him, so he jump in the line to the front.

  After a while, the minion came back with a handful of money.

  Fu Yao slowly ate her own meal, as if nothing happened.

  Xue Heng taught her not to take the initiative to cause trouble, but don’t be afraid of trouble if someone provokes her.

  Brother Aqishu, however, taught her that when people don’t offend her, she don’t have to offend others, but if people offend her, better cut the grass and root.

  Although the Seventh Middle School is a key high school, it is inevitable that there will stll be some gangsters.

  When she came to the school, the principal treated her like a baby. No one in the school dared to provoke her, but the guy named Shen Kaibo didn’t know who she was. So he was arrogant and dares to publicly provoke her.

  Even if he is a reputable person in the school, she still doesn’t care about his origin.

  The minion handed over a wad of money, Fu Yao took it, quickly counted them, and put them in the schoolbag she carried.

  ”Let’s go!” She stood up.

  Shen Kaibo blew his whistle and walked outside. He frowned when he saw someone following him. “Why are you following? Get out!”

  As he that, no one dared to follow him anymore.

  Fu Yao calmly followed behind him, looking at him coldly.

  There is a small forest behind the playground, where there are often small couples teasing each other. At night, the dean will come to beat the couples, and when that happens, the scene will become very spectacular.

  As soon as she stepped on the grove, Fu Yao said, “I’m already here, I’m done with what I promised you, so I’m leaving. ” She turned and left.


[1]Punk boy: This is what I used to represent the person that colors his hair like a punk but act like a gangster. 非主流 this was the one used which is a slang to refer for the people with unusual style.

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