DRCFW Chapter 13

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Translator: OurPrinceNiki

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Just putting my translations from other groups here.

How could Shen Kaibo let her go like this, he stretched out his hand to catch her, and said clearly, “Since we’re here, how can we leave without exercising?”

  The girl in front of her turned her head. Shen Kaibo saw her eyes full of fierceness, but there was a smile on her lips.

  ”In that case…” She moved her joints, “It’s as you wish…” 

An hour later.

  In the principal’s office, Principal Lin looked at his most proud female student with pity.

  At this time, the thin girl sobbed, and said: “He forced me to go to the grove, and he said that if I didn’t go, people would block me on the road and take me there huhuhuhu…” 

The punk boy gritted his teeth, “So why was he taken away by the ambulance?”

  Fu Yao sighed, “Maybe he accidentally hit a tree…” 

The punk boy yelled, “You hit a tree and let the ambulance take you!” The one named Shen Kaibo was his best buddy, he couldn’t just allow the injustice that happened to his best buddy.

  Fu Yao thought for a while, “Maybe because he was drunk… the school does not allow drinking, Principal Lin, he violated the school rules!”

  Principal Lin nodded, “Yes, let’s check this out.”

 The punkster: “? ??”

  Principal Lin patted Fu Yao on the shoulder, “Don’t be afraid, I will support you if something happens… Go back to your classroom and study well.”

  Fu Yao wiped her tears, nodded, and walked out of the principal’s room aggrieved.

  The punkster also followed her out soon. He was reluctant and unforgiving. “What did you do with Kaibo?”

  Fu Yao stopped and asked in a deep voice , “Do you really want to know?” 

The punkster said: “Of course!” 

In the next moment, his body soared into the air, hit a small tree not far away, and bounced off.

  Several students passing by stared blankly at what had happened before them, but they were too scared to say anything.

  Probably after hearing the ruckus, Principal Lin walked out of the office and asked, “What’s the matter?”

  Fu Yao opened a pair of innocent eyes, “He…he suddenly ran into a tree and couldn’t stop his movements…” Then she look at the students who were witnesses, “You can all agree to what I said, right?”

  The students: “……”

  Fu Yao smiled and slowly asked again: “Yes …… right?”

The student were about to cry, but still nodded collectively, “Yes…we have all seen it, it was the tree… he hit himself with it!”

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