DRCFW Chapter 15

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Translator: OurPrinceNiki

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Her seat is in the last row by the window. It is situated in a corner with the worst view of the class, and there were no table. After the last monthly exam, Teacher Jiang asked the students to choose seats by the order of grades. As she ranked first, she choose her seat first. Originally, she wanted the position in the middle of the third row, which was one of the best positions in the whole class.

  But the previous classmate who was sitting to her current seat, proposed a deal to exchange seat for 500 yuan, and Fu Yao agreed without any hesitation.

  Teacher Jiang, the head teacher, asked her why would she wanted to change, and she only said that she loves quietness. After her response, teacher Jiang didn’t say anything. Anyway, it didn’t affect her being first place in the examination, so Teacher Jiang allowed her to exchange seat.

  It is the same for her wherever she sits. She has good eyesight and good hearing, and the position where she sits does not affect her ability to comprehend the lectures.

  After the mid-term exams, there would be another seat rearrangement, which is equivalent to selling her seat for another 500 yuan this month. This sum is enough to pay off half of the monthly rent of the small ruined house she rented.

  Sighed, there are so many rich students in the class, and basically the rich are really good at earning money.

  As soon as she got back to her seat, she saw that the classmate named Dou Wenjia who had changed seats with her hesitatedly came to her, and asked: “Fu Yao…Shall we change the seat back?”

  Fu Yao glared at her, “Why? Do you regret it? There are only a few days left, do you want me to pay you back?”

  Dou Wenjia shook her head quickly, “No, I don’t want money… I just think you are too wronged sitting here.”

  She was really afraid of being beaten until unrecognizable.

  Fu Yao smiled, “I don’t feel wronged, go back to your seat and sit down.”

  Dou Wenjia: “But…”

  Fu Yao put away her smile, “The money won’t be refunded!”

  Dou Wenjia sweated on her forehead, “Uh… I didn’t say anything. I am not asking for money…”

  Seeing that Fu Yao was impatient, she quickly turned around and ran away.

  After Fu Yao finished her homework, she tapped Fan Ruotong, the female classmate in front of her, with her fingers.

  This is her monthly subscription user. As long as she finishes her homework, she will give it to Fan Ruotong as soon as possible.

  Fan Ruotong’s body trembled a few times, and turned around with slowly while revealing a smile more ugly than crying.

  ”Fu…Student Fu Yao, what’s the matter?” She smiled hard.

  ”Homework,” Fu Yao raised the homework in her hand, “Done, you can copy it now.”

  Fan Ruotong was so afraid to take it that her voice trembling, “I…I don’t…”

  Fu Yao frowned slightly, “Didn’t you pay for the monthly subscription? You have given the money and I don’t do refunds!”

  Fan Ruotong shook her head quickly, “No…no…I didn’t mean that. I just think…give…give less homework… or I…should…add money?”

  Fu Yao put the homework book it into her trembling hands, “You don’t need to add money, to be honest, you can ask for homework as much as you want.”

  Fan Ruotong took the workbook, as if she had a terrible dream.

  The handwriting on the homework is neat, possessing elegance in each of the strokes. She has always felt that the writing is very vigorous.

  Only now she discovered that the person who had written this, is simply an outrageous person!

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