DRCFW Chapter 18

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Translator: OurPrinceNiki

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Just putting my translations from other groups here.

The two-bedroom and one-living house is only two stops away from the school. There are buses and subways nearby. It is well-furnished and furnished. 


The monthly rent…12?!

With this good condition, shouldn’t the house rent price be higher?

  However, the intermediary lady quickly found the reason, “No, no, it’s a horro house. No matter how cheap it is, you can’t live in it.”

  Fu Yao held the hand that wanted to close the page, “Sister, I want to look at this house!” 

The description stated that there was a murder happening in this house two years ago. 

Two robbers who robbed the house broke the lock and robbed in the middle of the night.

 After being discovered, they killed the mother and son who were living in the house.

  Later, the robbers were all caught, and sentenced to death long ago.

  Others were afraid of ghosts, but Fu Yao grew up with four old ghosts. Fro her, there is nothing to be afraid of this ghost 

  Besides, can any ghost be fiercer than to her Uncle Aqishu? They may not even be like Xue Heng, pressing her head to teach her high mathematics. Let’s see if there is something to be afraid of this new ghosts.

  The intermediary lady hesitated, “But it’s not so good? In case… If it’s about money…”

  Fu Yao looked serious, “It’s okay, I believe in science. I can come and see the house tomorrow afternoon.”

  The exam will be over tomorrow morning, because it happens to be Friday, the school will be closing earlier.

  The intermediary lady couldn’t help but sigh in her heart that life is difficult, no one wanted to live in a haunted house, but for the poor, where are they qualified to mind about it?

  She felt more sympathy for this girl, thinking that when she will sign the contract tomorrow, I would try my best to give her a small amount of agency fees within her authority.

  After finding a house to move, Fu Yao went home to pack her things, and asked the landlord to reimburse her the rent.

  The landlord was a talkative middle-aged man, and he himself has a daughter as old as Fu Yao, he has always cared for Fu Yao, even before seeing Fu Yao’s life difficult, he didn’t even ask for the deposit for the house.

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