DRCFW Chapter 20

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Translator: OurPrinceNiki

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“Originally… I didn’t want to rent it out,” The middle aged man sighed. “I’m not short of money recently, so I don’t care for how much the house would be rented. Girl, don’t worry about anything, the house is very clean. I went back yesterday night and there no problems present in the house. “

 The real estate lady asked him with an unpleasant voice: “Then why didn’t you took down the rent notice?”

 The middle-aged man bit his lip. “Everytime I entered the house, I thought of my wife and child… I become uncomfortable.”

  Fu Yao felt that this lady was pretty interesting. Others are working hard to get the rental contract, but she doesn’t seem to want it to be completed.

  She is really a kind and lovely young lady.

  Fu Yao went to see the house together with the agent and the landlord. The house was located in the city center, and there were buses stops and subways at the door, as stated in the information.

  The floor and wallpaper in the house have been re-posted, and the household appliances used daily are available, which makes her very satisfied about the overall quality of the house.

  Back at the agency, she signed a rental contract with the landlord.

  Anyway, renting a house is not buying a house. With this, Fu Yao doesn’t have much psychological burden in her heart anymore. She can also withdraw the rent if there was any problem. There also those old ghosts with her, could something really hurt her?

  After signing the contract, Fu Yao paid, the landlord gave her the key and both left the agency.

Fu Yao went to rent a van and transported her packed luggage to her new home. She doesn’t have much stuff, so a van is more than enough.

  After moving the luggage, she started to clean up her new home.

  The new home was quite comfortable. There was a water heater in the bathroom. She boiled the water and planned to take a shower after cleaning up.

  As soon as the hot water was heated, it rained heavily outside. It often rains during this season, and she is quite fortunate that she moved house fast, otherwise it will be difficult during the heavy rain.

  Although there were not many things, it was quite tiring to unpack, as the time pass by, it gots dark without noticing about the time.

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