DRCFW Chapter 6

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Translator: OurPrinceNiki

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Just putting my translations from other groups here.

She has been practicing boxing with Uncle Aqishu for many years, but hardly ever knocked out anyone. 

If others didn’t provoke her, she won’t provoke them. This time, however, she was disgusted by that salted pig hand and couldn’t hold back her action.

  The girl standing beside her, looked over at the book in her hand, and said with some surprise: “Are you learning French? Are you perhaps a college student? But you don’t look like one…”

  Fu Yao replied vaguely, “I am just taking a casual look at it.”

  Her English proficiency is enough to perfect the college entrance examinations, she can’t just say ‘There is nothing to learn in English anymore’, right?

  ’Don’t be a freak in front of others’, that’s what Xue Heng taught her.

  At this time, they arrived at the bus stop closest to the hospital.

  When Fu Yao got out of the bus, she saw that the girl also got out together with her. She heard the girl say with surprise: “Are you going to the hospital too? What a coincidence, I work in the hospital.”

  Fu Yao thought it was not too coincidental. This train route passed by the hospital, and many people took this train just to go to the hospital. 

A lot of people got off the bus when they arrived at the stop near the hospital just now. 

The girl’s assumption of the coincidence, can only be associated to a general probability in terms of the statistics of the public’s destination which in this case is the hospital.

  She walked to the hospital with the girl. On the way, the girl introduced herself, “My name is Xia Rui, and I am one of the nurse here.” 

Fu Yao politely responded, “Fu Yao, a patient’s family.”

  Xia Rui chuckled and continued chattering: “A patient’s family haha… By the way, what is the name of the person you want to see, I could help you find which ward he is in.”

  ”Fu Chengyan.” Fu Yao said.

  Xia Rui said “Ah! I know him, he was the crazy one from yesterday… No…he just woke up yesterday. He is a medical miracle. Currently, the hospital is talking about him everywhere!”

  This was not the first time that Fu Yao came in the hospital. She was very familiar that she could just walk directly to the impatient department.  

  When passing by the first tower of the hospital, she noticed that it was surrounded by a caution tape, and there were many fallen building fragments on the ground.

  ”This place was struck by lightning last night,” Xia Rui explained next to her, “Fortunately, it didn’t hurt anyone.” 

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