DRCFW Chapter 7

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The inpatient department is next to this tower.

  It’s been more than a year since she came here last time.

  Fu Yao pushed open the door of the hospital room and saw the man she was here for, sitting on the hospital bed.

  This is a three-person ward, but the other two beds are vacant so he is the only patient inside.

  The man’s face was pale and it feel like there was not much blood flowing on him, but it didn’t make his facial features any less than when he was healthy. 

Although he was more than 30 years old, his appearance was still young, there was not much difference from when he first came in. His hair is just a bit longer and it looks like it hasn’t been cut for a long time.

  He was sitting on the hospital bed and two people were massaging him.

  ”He had been lying down for more than ten years, this is just for his rehabilitation.” Xia Rui explained to her.

  Hearing the movement, Fu Chengyan raised his head and looked at the girl in front of him.

  The girl is medium in height, thin, with a pointed chin, and her eyes were extraordinarily large. She just look a little bit malnourished. She has short hair cut, and her thick and long bangs almost cover her eyes. The clothes she was wearing were obviously old, but they were washed clean.

  Fu Chengyan blamed himself secretly in his heart, he traveled to another world after the accident, where he practiced for two thousand years and finally became an immortal. After returning, he found out that more than ten years had passed, and his three-year-old daughter was now thirteen. 

  He needs a little time to recover his body now. He just came back in this worlds, so his body was still unable to move freely.

  Anyway, now that he is back, he won’t let his daughter suffer any more.

  When he woke up, he found that the immortal power in his body was still circulating, which was the same when he was at the realm of cultivation world, this means that he had brought back the immortal power of cultivation here, in his original world.

  With this power, he make sure that his daughter live a good life.

  Seeing the girl staring at him blankly without speaking, Fu Chengyan felt a little sad.

  After all, I didn’t see my daughter growing up with my own eyes. There was a such a gap between our father-daughter relationship!

  He didn’t know how much she suffered, and he didn’t even have the courage to ask.

  As he was thinking about her, he recalled that he had learned mind reading back in the realm of cultivation. 

Since he didn’t have a courage to ask, and there is a probability that his daughter may not tell the truth, he might as well use mind reading to read the child’s mind.

  If she had any wish, it would be a big surprise given to her.

  He used the power of immortality and turned his gaze to Fu Yao.

  Soon, her inner voice rang in his ears.

  ”It’s was not easy to raise myself already, and now I have to raise a dad with a brain problem… My life is too difficult.”

  ”He is still my father, though. It is not like I can just throw him away, right”

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