DRCFW Chapter 8

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Translator: OurPrinceNiki

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Fu Chengyan didn’t know what he should feel at time like this.

  His daughter, who he hasn’t seen each other for more than ten years, hates him as soon as they meet each other, and even plans to throw him away?

  Fortunately, continuing to listen, the daughter seemed to have changed her mind.

  ”Forget it, let’s not leave him. After all, I only have him as a family, and I wouldn’t like to be an orphan.”

  Fu Chengyan felt satisfied hearing this from her. However, he couldn’t understand her next words.

  ”Scholarship is enough to barely support myself, and with it I can’t even afford new clothes… How can it be enough to raise my stupid dad?”

  ”Maybe, I should accept Liu Sisi’s. That’s five thousand yuan! I can pretend to be sick and with this I can skip a subject. This should be able to let me fall behind her, and Teacher Jiang will still forgive me, right?”

  Fu Chengyan was confused. His daughter is trying to make money, so he understands that, but what is she talking about? What’s wrong with missing one exam?

  At this moment, Fu Yao’s eyes swept across Fu Chengyan’s face, and her eyes lit up.

  Fu Chengyan heard her say in her heart: “My father is so handsome!”

  He nodded secretly in his heart, his daughter’s aesthetic is still alright.

  But then, he heard another line in his daughter’s heart.

  ”My aunt said that the rich woman next door to her house was always thinking about father. I don’t know if she is still thinking about him now. Although my father is stupid, he still looks handsome! Putting it together, maybe he can have a rich woman that will become my stepmother. This will solved the problem with money.”

  Fu Chengyan almost fainted.

  She is really a filial daughter and she even helped him arrange his own life events…

  At this time, Fu Yao tentatively called out, “Dad!”

  Then she pointed to herself, “Do you recognize me?”

  Fu Chengyan: “…Nonsense, how can I not recognize my own daughter?”

  Is he really a fool in front of others?

  Fu Yao heaved a sigh of relief, and nodded slightly, thinking in her heart: “It’s okay to recognize people. It seems that he should have the ability to take care of himself. It shouldn’t be that difficult taking care of him from now on.”

  Fu Chengyan: “…”

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