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The recent ads I am using propeller ads.

This propeller ads is an alternative google AdSense. The one that suddenly appear on the screen is not pop-up but interstial ads. This ads, will only show ads existing from the region where are you from. Also, the reason why the X button can not be taken down but redirects you to another page is must be your local advertisers doing. They uses such thing in order to attract people and hide the real X button.

Also, propeller ads uses contextual ads within a public IP meaning to say it will only show ads that is detected from your IP. Your history may not have ‘vulgar’ things but the other people from the same IP as yours has it.

I can’t take this down type of ads anymore, from the time I started putting ads I only gained 3$ so far.

This is the proof:

Sorry I caused some displeasure within the ads, I have a bill to pay in order to maintain the site monthly…

Adsense Still didn’t approve my site.


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