DRCFW Chapter 21

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Just transferring over some of my translations from other groups

 In the living room, four old ghosts sat and chatted.

  When she moved in, the four old ghosts also followed. They had been with her for several years.

  Uncle Aqishu is a sturdy young ghost. He has just circled around for several times and said with certainty: “The ghosts of the mother and son are not here. They must have gone to reincarnate.”

  Xue Heng nodded and said, “I didn’t see them either. When we arrive, they should have already reincarnated. The people who killed them must have been executed, and they have no more future obsessions, so they will have definitely left.” 

His wife, Qin Huizhen, an old lady with dignified manners, also said her opinion, “This house is okay, Yaoyao has earned this.” 

The ghost of the queen Zhou Yutong also floated out, swayed a few times in front of the window, and nodded: “I also think so, it’s safe and there will be no unnecessary worries.”

  Fu Yao herself had already seen everywhere, and they were no other existence of ghosts. However, she paid more attention to what Xue Heng said just now. Specifically to the sentence: “They have no more future obsessions, so they will have definitely left.”

  Can she be understood as only those ghosts with unfinished obsessions? Will you miss the world and refuse to reincarnate?

  She looked at the four old ghosts in the living room.

  The four of them were not all the ghosts she encountered. She could have encountered other ghosts, and some ghosts had also spoken to her.

  But those ghosts disappeared quickly, unlike them, staying with her all the time.

  She couldn’t help but said, “The four of you…do you have any future obsessions?”

  They never mentioned it to her.

  The four people suddenly closed their mouths and looked at each other.

  Xue Heng said haha, “I’ll take a look further away, maybe the mother and child ghosts will scare away when they see us coming, hiding in the distance!”

  Qin Huizhen hurriedly said: “My wife, I’ll be with you, don’t run into a powerful ghost, you can’t beat them by just yourself.”

  Zhou Yutong smiled, “There is a handsome guy living next door, I heard the sound of water, he seems to be taking a bath. Go and see!” 

The three said and ran through the wall.

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