IJWLHGRAR Chapter 13.1

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This is the first time that Su Cheng actually felt relaxation after school.

As soon as Su Cheng was about to walk out from the school gate, she heard a voice behind calling her.

“Something’s wrong?” Su Cheng turned to look at Qi Yixuan who was walking towards her.

“Did you really asked to be transferred to the ordinary class?” Qi Yixuan frowned slightly, looking at Su Cheng with puzzled eyes.

Originally, he thought that his small classmate was studying hard every day, so she could stay at the key class. For this reason, Qi Yixuan specially went far to lend his textbook to Su Cheng so he could help her.

But this afternoon, Qi Yixuan was actually surprised to see Su Cheng packing up her things and preparing to leave the key class in order to be transferred over the regular class: After all, with the power the Gu’s family holds at school, it was easy for Su Cheng to stay in Class A.

Qi Yixuan also went to the head class teacher for this matter.

“It’s just been less than a month that Su Cheng started attending the key Class A. It doesn’t seem good to judge earlier whether she is suitable for the key Class A, right?”

“Moreover, transferring Su Cheng to the ordinary class immediately after only one monthly exam. Isn’t it too early?”

“Su Cheng has been making progress since she came to school, why not consider keeping her in the key Class A for another month?”

Qi Yixuan righteously said to the head teacher of the key class A, without knowing the true reason why Su Cheng transferred over: “The school didn’t plan for Su Cheng’s transfer this time. It was herself that asked to be transferred over an ordinary class.”

Qi Yixuan: “…”

Why was he not informed?

After school, Qi Yixuan couldn’t help but stop when he saw Su Cheng walking ahead.

“It is perhaps me, sitting beside you, who was making you feel uncomfortable?” Qi Yixuan asked seriously.

Su Cheng: “I feel uncomfortable sitting beside you.”

To be precise, not only Qi Yixuan, but the entire key A class made her feel uncomfortable: The previous A class left too many unpleasant memories for Su Cheng. Even if she was reborn, she could not just assume that those memories never existed.


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