IJWLHGRAR Chapter 13.2

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She always felt that, as long as she sits in that classroom and looks at the familiar faces in from her memories, those heavy experiences will always jump out of Su Cheng’s mind uncontrollably.

What’s more, there is also that big demon from the class in which Su Cheng didn’t want to see: Gu Cheng.

“Class A is not suitable for me.” Neither the atmosphere of Class A nor the learning progress of key classes are suitable for her.

Seeing Su Cheng leaving, Qi Yixuan shrugged looking at the girl’s thin but firm back under the sunset.

“It’s a pity…” She was such a nice little deskmate, he was kinda skeptic to her at first.

In the evening, as usual Su Cheng log on her Live account.

After this period of live broadcast, Su Cheng’s live broadcast room has accumulated some popularity.

At present, there are almost a thousand accumulated viewers, and occasionally the peak current audience number can reach up to 160.

Su Cheng began to increase some interaction with the audience.

“Good evening everyone.”

[Here she comes, here she comes.】

[Haha, the way the big orange greets is always like an “old” person.]

“Then, what do you want me to say?” Su Cheng smiled, and asked others.

[I have one here, Big Orange please say: Dear little brothers, your Big Orange baby is online, yah, love you! ~]

Su Cheng: Ha ha Ha.

“Let’s start the game.” After Su Cheng started the game, she began to concentrate.

[Big oranges playing games is always so cool to watch. 】

【Right, watching big oranges playing games is a necessary part of my everyday night. ] [Big orange slow down! I Can’t take notes with your pace……] [Haha, the little student upstairs, you are too naive, I never consider taking notes when watching big oranges play games, because the operation of big oranges is always a point of knowledge that I can’t learn. 】

【I second demotion. 】


【Hey, 18 minutes have passed, but this round is not yet over? ]

In such a low-end game, in the past they did not encounter Su Cheng in this kind of situation, every game of her will take at least ten minutes and the game will be finished, today Big Orange actually played for a long time.

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