S3YOC Chapter 16

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Qingqing was a little disappointed, but she was already used to her parents being away from home, so she didn’t make any more trouble.

It’s just that the initial energetic facial expression she possessed before, couldn’t help but slowly vanish.

Seeing the child’s dejected appearance, Fu Heng raised his hand to cover Qingqing’s small head and rubbed it gently, this movement attracted a puzzled look from the Little Totoro.

Seeing her eyes, Fu Heng paused his movement, then withdrew his hand naturally.

It seems that when my wife was young, she did not like people rubbing her head.

Although the touch feels as good as always.

“Is Qinqing hungry?” He suddenly changed the subject.

Hearing this, Qingqing touched her small bulging belly,even if she was not actually hungry, she replied super loudly: “I’m hungry! Qingqing wants to eat a Hanbaby (Hamburgers).”

In fact, Qingqing didn’t know what it was.

She just happened to hear from the nanny aunt at home that many people like to take children to eat Hamburger, as a simple child she is, she naturally included the meal in the delicious menu.

Even if she doesn’t quite understand, why can’t babies’ eat those?

‘It seems a bit cruel eating other people’s babies’. Thinking about this, Qingqing hesitated and changed her words: “I…I don’t want to eat babies anymore, I just drink juice.”

“It’s okay, let’s eat burgers.”

In fact, Fu Heng was not in favor of letting the little child eat these innutritious things, but looking at Qingqing’s look of expectation and excitement, he made an exception for her.

It should be fine eating hamburgers just this time.

“No, no…no more.”

As Fu Heng agreed, Qingqing didn’t want to eat anymore.

She shook her head to show her dissatisfaction, she was really against eating hamburgers this time.

Why do children change their minds immediately?

Fu Heng, who didn’t understand what she was thinking, saw that Qingqing really changed her mind, therefore, he took advantage of her current decisions in order to prevent her eating some junk food.

“What does Qingqing want to eat?” He asked patiently.

“Anything is fine.” Qingqing’s eyes show some confusion, not knowing about the ‘good’ food she just avoided eating.


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