The Female Lead Just walked Out


Alternative Name: The heroine is on strike

Korean Name: 여주인공은파업중

Publisher: Riri Book


I saw a beautiful girl in front of the mirror.


The 38-year-old popular patissier Ran-Hee, suddenly became the seventeen-year-old daughter of a duke, Lady Luziela from a novel.

As I came to this situation, I decided to live a decent life as a heroine!

Then,I remembered that there was another woman next to Claudius, the same crown prince who was engaged to me……?!

“Okay. My goal from now on is to Escape from the Palace!.”

She’s breaking up their engagement and try to take a different path from the novel.

But, Claudius says it’s a misunderstanding and asks for a second chance.

“One year. Just give me one year. I’ll do my best to seduce you.”

Will he be able to melt Ella’s cold heart?


“Don’t worry. I won’t let you down anymore.”

Slowly moving in the direction of the peacock, Claude bragged. His words were of no faith, but Ella nodded generously.

“I’ll trust you one more time. I am going to give you another chance this time.”

“You’ll never regret it. I’ll show you that I’m a man who deserves to be with you.”

“Aren’t you ashamed?”

“What do you mean?”

“Aren’t you ashamed of that?”

“No. I can say the cheesiest words just so I can win your heart. Tell me what you want to hear. I’ll say it as much as I can.”


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