Camellia’s Wizard


Korean Name: 카멜리아의 마법사

Author: 아옹쉬

Publisher: 그래출판/ Yes Publishing

At the age of seven, Evelyn entered the Royal School of Magic for her excellent magical power.

However, one day when she turned 20, her magic power disappeared without notice.

Why was that?

‘Has Your Majesty ever been shaken?’

‘There are flowers and people that are 100 times prettier than this barren hometown, but you are still visiting this place when it is difficult to do so. I also have me to listen to you, and when you call, I’m ready to run anytime, but you have never sought me or called me.’

At the age of twenty, the king suddenly kissed Evelyn’s hand.

Since that day, everything has changed.

This is the story of two lovers searching for lost magic, a love in the scent of a deep camellia flower.


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