S3YOC Chapter 17

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“Choose what you want to eat.” Hearing this Qingqing thought of a cunning plan.

It’s a pity that she was soon discovered by the big person, Fu Heng calmly blocked her temptation.

“Qingqing wants to eat sweets.” After all, her cravings prevailed, and Qingqing said the answer that she wanted most.

“No.” This was not what Fu Heng said, but Fu Sijin who had heard the movement outside. “She has already eaten three candies, a large box of mangoes, and a bottle of yogurt today, so she can’t give her any more candies .”

“Actually, it was five. Just now Secretary Cheng sneaked two candies to Qingqing, and she ate them all.” Secretary Li, who had not left yet, pushed his glasses, not showing any guilt for being a traitor, calmly. He sold his colleague for the sake of the little boss, and didn’t feel anything wrong cheating on his colleague.

He likes cute things, and he knows the bottom line diet that children should abide by in order to keep them cute. This was also a responsibility of an adult to take care of them.

“Did Qingqing eat all the five candies?” Fu Heng asked Qingqing.

He will not judge a child’s mistakes based on other people’s words.

“Eat… I ate them all.” Qingqing said quietly.

She can’t lie, the teacher said that good children can’t lie,If  they will become liars, no one like them anymore.

“You are not allowed to eat any more candy today.”

“…” She closed her mouth, and tears instantly rolled from her eyes, while restraining her sobs.

She felt wronged, and Fu Heng was unmoved by her act.

At noon, he took Qingqing into a familiar restaurant under the smile of the clown doll. (McDonald)

“A children’s set meal, thank you.”

“Okay, please wait a moment.”

Within a few minutes, the hot burger set meal with the aroma of fried chicken was delivered to Fu Heng.

He picked up the tray with one hand, and took Qingqing with him and found a place near the window to sit at random.

“Here.” A mini burger suitable for children was handed to Qingqing.

Qingqing took the burger, looked at it curiously, and then took a tentative bite on the edge.

She didn’t dare to bite too much, only ate a little bit of the crust covered with salad dressing, and then her eyes lit up.


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