IJWLHGRAR Chapter 13.3

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[This game seems a bit interesting.】

【I feel that the other side is not weak eiter.] [Is this a golden game? How does it feel like looking at the diamond level game?】

【The tank on the opposite side is also very good.] [Should the opposite be a bigshot playing on their dummy account, right? ]

Some people speculate that Su Cheng’s opponent may be a bigshot, but they didn’t know that he is not only a bigshot, but a top 5 ranked bigshot gamer.

——Sun Xiaosheng, the live broadcast on his platform has 10 million fans and he is one of the top three popular anchors in the whole game live broadcast section.

Sun Xiaosheng has been doing live broadcasts with a large size fandom before, but recently, because of a small anchor, a wave of “small trumpet” has emerged, so this big anchor has also caught up with the trend and got a trumpet to do it live.

At this time, in Sun Xiaosheng’s live broadcast room, the discussion about this game was much more lively than the one in Su Cheng’s live broadcast room.

[Wow, what’s the situation with the Angela on the other side?】

【if I’m not mistaken, the Angela from the enemy is actually Fang Qiaomei under the nose of my great sage!】

【The key is that the tank on the opposite side has been wandering around in the top lane.] [Is this really a low-end game? A really low-end office? Low-end office? Asking three times for uncertain things.】

【Haha, Great Sage, you met a master in the Golden Game.】

【This low-end game made me look confused.】

At this time, Sun Xiaosheng was also embarrassed: What a low-end game? What about ants under the said king?

The output on the opposite side is a bit overwhelming.

[Dasheng, you can hold on, if you lose in the low-end game, you will lose forever, haha.】

【Great Sage, don’t stop playing Waterloo at a low end game.】

…As soon as the voice of the fans fell, a big “failure” prompt popped up on Sun Xiaosheng’s game interface.

[Wow, the king actually lost.】

[Unbelievable, our Fang Dasheng was defeated by a piece of gold from the opposite side.】

【This really can’t blame by the teammates, after all, the teammates on the opposite side are newbies.】

【Is there a bigshot pretending to be a newbie from the other side? I’m afraid he is also doing what big brother has done.】

【I don’t know if there is a bigshot on the opposite side, but the opponent’s operation was really amazing.】

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