S3YOC Chapter 18

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“What is this? It’s delicious!”

Qingqing asked excitedly with her full mouth.

For the first time she ate such a delicious thing.

“This is a hamburger, little sister.”

A young lady who was just passing by with a friend heard Qingqing’s words and kindly answered her.

“Han Baby?” Qingqing was stunned and looked at the hamburger in her hand again, and suddenly muttered in a low voice, “So there is no baby’ in the hamburger.”

Her voice was small, and only Fu Heng beside her heard this sentence.

He was taken aback for a moment, and then remembered the inconsistent attitude of Qingqing when he was at the door of the elder son’s office just now.

One-handed fist was pressed against his mouth, a low chuckle overflowed through the slightly vibrating throat.

How can this child be so cute?

Facts have proved that the charm of Hamburger is unmatched.

After three or two bites, this mini burger, which is less than the size of Qingqing’s palm, was eaten immediately to more than half.

While she was eating, a straw was handed to her mouth, Qingqing subconsciously took a sip, and the warm sweet milk flowed into the mouth, moisturizing the dry choking sensation brought by the burger.

There were a few chicken pieces in this children’s set meal, but the outer layer of crispy skin was taken off by Fu Heng, leaving only the chicken inside to Qingqing.

Children were not suitable to eat too much of this hot and greasy food.

After eating and drinking, Qingqing touched her swollen belly. This time she was completely fed.

She was carried into Fu Heng’s car and sat in a child safety chair which she didn’t know when it was installed. Her eyes squinted, and she looked a little dumb. She felt sleepy after eating her fill.

“How does she look like a little piglet?” She slept when she was full this is simply like a pig.

There was no quilt in the car, so Fu Heng took off his suit jacket and put it on Qingqing’s body.

He also turned off the air conditioner in order to avoid freezing the little child.

As the car shook slightly, Qingqing fell asleep little by little, and went to play in the dream land.

Before going to sleep, she lightly touched the window with her little hand, and muttered dazedly: “Little bird.”

The voice was too small and her words were vague, so Fu Heng did not understand clearly.

He only thought Qingqing was talking in her sleep.


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