IJWLHGRAR Chapter 13.4

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On the other side, Su Cheng naturally won.

She played for about 37 minutes in this game.

[Hahaha, Big Orange won. 】

【This round was played long enough, and it was really enjoyable. 】

【There is an ominous premonition. ] [What? 】

【Big Orange is going offline. 】30 minutes a day, no more than 40 minutes, and she can only play a few rounds, this has become Su Cheng’s default habit.

[No way! Big Orange, please play another game today, please…]

“Well,that’s all for today, and come back again tomorrow.”

After the live broadcast, Su Cheng did not rush to start studying, but went online to check the rental information in Beijing.

Su Cheng considered renting an apartment with her current income from the live show.

Although the price of renting a house in Beijing is not low, she can still rent a small single room, it doesn’t matter if it is a little farther away from school.

With more viewers in the live broadcast room, Su Cheng’s daily income can reach up to two to three hundred, and occasionally to more than four hundred. If there is a stable income like this, it is not impossible for Su Cheng to rent a house for two to three thousand a month and finally move out of the Gu’s house.

She and Gu Cheng are no longer in the same class. If she moves out of the Gu’s house, will she be able to have nothing to do with that guy anymore?

Thinking of this, Su Cheng’s heart jumped for joy, and she became more determined to move out.

The next day, the new teacher of Su Cheng brought her to the class 17, he also told Su Cheng’s new seat.

Su Cheng’s deskmate looks like a cute girl, but in fact she is very talkative and comfortable to talk to.

As soon as Su Cheng sat down, she approached her with an excited look on her face.

“Su Cheng (苏澄), is your name from orange (橙) the orange of the orange?”

“It’s from the three waters, the clear (澄) orange.”

“Hey, good name, my name is Huang Yuqi (黄雨琪), rain (雨), and Qi (琪) from the jade (玉旁的琪).”

“That’s right, Su Cheng, can I ask you a question?” Huang Yuqi suddenly lowered her voice and asked Su Cheng mysteriously: “Did you really fall from the key class? Is the learning atmosphere in the key class particularly scary?”

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