S3YOC Chapter 19

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Fu Heng spent the whole morning dealing with the company affairs, freeing his whole afternoon, and now he took Qingqing home with him.

Everything that happened this morning caught him off guard and felt rushed. After being freed from the company affairs, he needs to go back home to look for any clues.

Why did his wife become a child overnight?

Also, now that his wife has become smaller, will there be a day where she returns back to being a grown up?

Back home, it would be noisy for Qingqing to sleep in a crib by herself, so Fu Heng simply sent her to his younger son’s room to sleep.

Anyway, these few days, the youngest son didn’t return home, and it doesn’t matter if the room was occupied by his mother.

Fu Heng was busy rummaging for clues, while Qingqing was sleeping soundly.

No one expected Fu Sishen to go home at this time.

Fu Sishen didn’t want to come back, he was still fucking angry.

Going home felt like he had surrendered. He lost to his mother’s despicable means. From then on, he could only be inferior in front of her and be manipulated by her.

This is not something Fun Sishen’s self-esteem can bear.

But thinking of what the eldest brother said in the morning, he felt confused again. After thinking about it for a long time, he finally gritted his teeth and decided to secretly come back to take a look.

He will just take a look, if there was nothing wrong, he can turn his head and leave immediately, so he could not collide with his mother.

It’s not that Fu Sishen followed his brother’s order, it’s just Fu Sijin’s words really made him care too much.

This is not the first time that Fu Sishen has ran away from home. His prolonged period of rebellion has long been known from his family members that they were now immune to his threat of leaving house.

Also, he was now an adult. As long as he doesn’t commit any crimes outside and violates the bottom line of the law, even if he doesn’t go home for a month, no one will take care of it.

Therefore, under such conditions, Fu Sijin’s advice suprised him.

No wonder Fu Sishen cared so much.

He always felt that there was some other meaning behind it.

Back to the present, he found that the house is specifically quiet.

“Is there no one?” Looking around, Fu Sishen breathed a sigh of relief when he found that there were no servants.

“It just happened that I forgot to take something last time, so I will take it and then leave.” Fu Sishen took his long legs and walked to his room.

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