IJWLHGRAR Chapter 13.5

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Su Cheng shakes her head: “I really don’t know about this. I have only been in Class A for two weeks…And I’m not really a scholar.” Su Cheng said frankly. Perhaps, it was because of the change of class, that she no longer felt depressed and her mood relaxed, Su Cheng continued.

“I am not being modest, my classmates back then were also citizing me greatly for having bad grades.” 

Huang Yuqi didn’t believe her: “Who doesn’t know that the last one in the key class is the top student in the ordinary class.”

“I am just stating facts.” 

Su Cheng: “What was your overall score in this monthly exam?” 

When asked about the results, Huang Yuqi was feeling a little bit embarrassed: “I didn’t do well in the exam, this time I fell off to the Top 75%.”

“Congratulations, you have already surpassed the last one ranker from the class A.”

“Really? Who was the last one in Class A this time?”


” “Huh?” Huang Yuqi stared at Su Cheng, “What was your rank?”


“Wow! How did you enter the key class before?”

“Turn around and go to Class A, because I couldn’t keep up, I volunteered myself to change class.”

Hearing Su Cheng’s words, Huang Yuqi couldn’t help but laugh: “Haha Fortunately, you changed class earlier, the key class is really not suitable for you.” 

After that, Huang Yuqi patted Su Cheng on the shoulder again: “But don’t worry, we are both a scumbag, naturally I will not dislike you.”

Su Cheng smiled friendly, but thought in her heart: She still has to work hard to become knowledgeable.

“Xiao Chengcheng.” After exchanging a few words both of them became familiar to each other, Huang Yuqi even gave Su Cheng a new nickname.

“What’s the matter on your face?” Huang Yuqi asked, looking at the mark on Su Cheng’s face.

“I was injured before, this is just the scar and it proves that it is almost healed.”

Back at the hospital, the ointment that the nurse gave Su Cheng was really effective. It took only a week, and it was now almost healed. Well, a lot of scabs have fallen off, revealing the new white skin underneath.

“That’s good,” Huang Yuqi nodded: “Hurry up, these scars have lowered your appearance.” ——Looking carefully, Su Cheng is super beautiful, if there were no scars on her face, she may become one of the school grass.

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