IJWLHGRAR Chapter 14.1

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After staring at her new seatmate for the whole morning, Huang Yuqi found one thing about her new seatmate, she works too hard!

She didn’t talk to Su Cheng because she was afraid to disturbed her, Su Cheng was so busy that she didn’t even rest in the freetime between classes– Except for the time she took off just to go to the bathroom, Su Cheng had been studying for the whole time.

“Xiao Chengcheng.” Huang Yuqi was embarrassed to disturb Su Cheng answering her exercise book, so she didn’t talk to her until Su Cheng finished the whole test and finally managed to call her out.

“Can I ask you something? When you were in the key class before, was it so terrifying?”

Su Cheng: “Well? What?”

Huang Yuqi: “I am referring to the ambience of the study. Are the people in the key class like you? Answering exercises in their free time?” 

“No…” Su Cheng wanted to tell Huang Yuqi that her study method deviated from the class A and in fact she was regarded as an outsider by them.

And there are also people like Qi Yixuan, who sleep between classes and occasionally they will sleep in the whole class hour.

“I’m not that kind of genius. I have poor grades. If I don’t work hard, I will not be able to attend a good University.” Su Cheng smiled and said to Huang Yuqi indifferently that

when he was in Class A in the previous life, Su Cheng was the least willing to mention It is his own grades. Whenever the class talks about topics related to study and grades, Su Cheng always expresses an extremely low self-esteem and is afraid of being laughed at. However, the more she avoided it, the more people around her liked to talk about it.

Now, with a change of mood, Su Cheng is able to face this matter calmly: it is a fact that her poor grades are true, but who says that a scumbag can only be a scumbag.

“Do you want to return to the key class?”

“No”, Su Cheng shook his head, then smiled again, and said: “I just want to feel how cool the counterattack is.”

Huang Yuqi: Fuck!

Su Cheng didn’t know how contagious the self-confidence flashing in her eyes at this moment—under the influence of Su Cheng, Huang Yuqi actually had the idea of ​​trying to achieve a perfect counterattack.

“Do you think it will work?”

“It should be possible.” Seeing that he had just finished the 100-point question and got the 92-point math test paper, Su Cheng smiled.

After collecting the math test papers, and seeing that there was still time, Su Cheng simply took out the English vocabulary book and memorized it again.

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