IJWLHGRAR Chapter 14.2

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In terms of English learning, Su Cheng also had a surprising discovery: It took nearly an hour for her to memorize 30 words before, but in recent days, she can memorize all 30 words in only 40 minutes. Her error rate from silent writing the next day was much lower than before, and sometimes there were more correct answers.

Copying English grammar and practicing grammar-making with new words every day should have played a big role. In addition, Su Cheng has a feeling that her learning efficiency seems to have improved so much.

At noon break, Su Cheng found that a lot of people from her new class was discussing something she didn’t knew about.

“What are you talking about?” Su Cheng turned to ask Huang Yuqi next to her.

Huang Yuqi put down her phone and looked to the front: “Oh, it should be about the competition.”

“The competition?”

“Yeah, you haven’t participated in it?” Yes, I almost forgot, her deskmate is just like her. Scum. Huang Yuqi thought.

However, seeing Su Cheng seemed quite interested, Huang Yuqi told her about the science competition: “To simply put, it is a competition of mathematics, physics and chemistry. If you can get the first prize in a national competition like this, your chance for applying for a college will be higher. Many schools give extra points from this competition, and there is a chance to be recommended to participate in international competitions. In addition, schools give some bonuses.”

Su Cheng’s eyes lit up when he heard the word “bonus”: “Are there many bonuses?”

Huang Yuqi thought for awhile: “It’s almost the same every year, about ten to twenty thousand, sometimes three to fifty thousand.” 

The conditions for entering Shangming Middle School were not that high. But it was not the money that the school cared about, they care about honor!

Su Cheng’s mind was full of “ten thousand, twenty thousand, thirty thousand, fifty thousand…”

She hadn’t paid attention to such a good thing in her last life!

“Don’t tell me you want to participate.” Huang Yuqi stared at Su Cheng weirdly.

How bad is Su Cheng’s physical and chemical studies? Huang Yuqi has already seen this scumbag who failed a subject, is she going to this kind of competition just to play answer cards again and again, or simply look for abuse? (Meaning blindly play or just relying on luck for answers.)

“I want to try.”

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