MFBILWMA Chapter 5

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I was having a hard time translating this, this story is quite difficult to translate so I didn’t touch it for a while. Because there was a supporter, I will be translating this with a schedule from now on and paywalled advance chapters.

Zhou Yizhi erased the tears from the corners of her eyes, glanced at the clock on the wall and tried to recall at what time would Xue Xi come here in her previous life, but after thinking about it in her mind for a while, she can’t seem to remember it.

She is like a cub that has been forgotten here, not knowing where she is not to please them.

But an outsider who stepped into the house suddenly made them praised again and again, and they were particularly concerned.

This made Zhou Yizhi feel that his territory had been violated and his most desired things had been taken away. It is difficult for her not to show her teeth and claws, trying to drive the outsider out.

Thinking about it now, I was too bad when I was young.

In fact, Zhou Yizhi vaguely remembered that when she first saw the beautiful young man who appeared at the door, she was not entirely annoyed.

Even the scene of the encounter in the previous life was blurred.

After all, to her, her brother at the time was just an outsider who suddenly appeared in this house.

She, the housekeeper and Aunt He lived in this huge villa for many years. If her parents didn’t come back every six months, Zhou Yizhi would hardly remember their faces.

At that time, her emotions were very complicated, including the fear of being taken away from her parents, the jealousy of the teenager, and the moment of surprise-she was still curious about him. After all, because of her personality and family background, she had few friends. She thought she would have one more teenage playmate.

But after the wet boy stepped into the door of Zhou’s house, his face looked at her with a pale expression, as if there was a kind of alienation that turned thousands of miles away.

This aroused Zhou Yizhi’s arrogance-this person sent under the fence, his shoes soiled the carpet, shouldn’t it please her? But why does he have a straight back, not that meaning at all?

In Zhou Yizhi’s heart, there were some inexplicable emotions.

He ignored himself first.

Thinking about it now, Zhou Yizhi felt more and more that she had misunderstood something.

She opened the information of Xue Xi sent by her father and clicked on the attachments one by one.

In her last life, because she didn’t care, she didn’t even open the attached information indifferently.

It was only later that she learned from rumors about Xue Xi’s life experience from the other students in the school.

Her father Zhou Du was an egoistic businessman, who would not support poor students as he had nothing to do with him for no reason.

For the case of Xue Xi, there was a reason why he was brought home. Grandfather Xue was an official and Grandfather Zhou was a businessman. The two grandfathers had old friendships between them.

Three years ago, the Xue family was involved in a case. No one knows what the specifics were. Even Zhou Du can only get information slightly more than from the news.

After Xue’s father and mother were compensated with their property, both committed suicide. Xue Xi saw his parents jump off the building and was too shocked.

He was sent to his grandfather and changed his name. 

His family was destroyed overnight.

Three months ago, his grandfather passed away, leaving only one grandmother with dementia.

Zhou Yizhi’s father followed the wishes of her overseas grandfather and provided financial support for Xue Xi. He took the son of the deceased friend, went through transfer procedures for him, and arranged for his grandma to be admitted to the hospital.

This was the beginning of Xue Xi being brought into Zhou’s house.

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