MFBILWMA Chapter 6

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Zhou Yizhi didn’t read the information carefully in her previous time so she didn’t know anything, and when she heard it mockingly from the aristocratic children in the school, her dislike for her brother was deeply rooted.

But now that she thinks about it, before being brought back by the housekeeper, the young Xue Xi had just dealt with the funeral of his grandfather and brought his grandmother over a long distance of travel to the hospital. He must be already depressed and exhausted.

The pressure had bent him down, that he was so tired that he could barely walk heavily and his eyes were resisting to close.

Yet he still stood in front of Zhou’s gate like a chicken soup, with straightened back, probably trying to be decent in front of her.

He had the smell of a long-distance train, and he was hungry for the whole day. He was afraid that he would be smelled by her when he was close to her.

So he stood far away, pursing his lips in silence, watching him not speak. This action of his back then made her dislike him more, not knowing his reasons.

At that time, she didn’t think about anything, she was only having her temper agitated, thinking that he was disdainful of himself, after he entered the door, she began to oppose him coldly.

Zhou Yizhi’s memory about the day of the previous life was gradually aroused, as if the pages of a yellowed book were found again. Her heart was empty, a little sad, and the joy of being able to come back to life.

Aunt He was taken aback, and hurriedly pushed her out: “Miss, why are you here?”   

Zhou Yizhi was a little bit squeamish since she was a child, with a sensitive nose and a bad stomach .

She couldn’t smell too strong smell, oily smoke or a bloody smell. Smelling it will make her retching involuntarily.

Whenever the housekeeper and Aunt He caught these smells, she would first take a shower and then appear in front of her. 

Therefore, Zhou Yizhi would never have the courage to enter the kitchen.

Her fingers are slender and do not touch the spring sun, like exquisite exhibits on the shelf, which are incompatible with these.

But Zhou Yizhi had already ordered her, ignoring her question: “Aunt He, make pork ribs steamed pork, remember to make it sweeter, and then watch to make some green vegetables.”

Aunt He is more suspicious of life: “Miss, don’t you like sweets? You said there are fattening things in confectionery.” But my brother likes to eat them.

All the dishes in this villa in the previous life were based on Zhou Yizhi. Because Zhou Yizhi hates Xue Xi, he doesn’t eat at home often, and treats guests outside of school all the year round.

Occasionally eating in the villa, Aunt He does everything she likes, and the silent teenager sitting opposite her never picks it.

He sprinted very quickly, his height changed every few days, but in those few years he ate all the spicy food he couldn’t eat.

She wants to make up for the bad and wrongs of the previous life and change the fate of her and her brother. She will no longer be the arrogant and arrogant Zhou Yizhi in this life.

Thinking of this, Zhou Yizhi jumped up quickly, rushed to the kitchen, full of vitality, said to Aunt He, “Aunt He, help me cook some dishes!”

He was hungry for a day in the previous life, and she was ridiculed by her. In this life, she wants to prepare meals in advance and wait for him to come.

Zhou Yizhi was filled with sorrow after thinking about it. 

She didn’t hesitate to say to Aunt He: “It’s okay, Aunt He, remember to do it lightly, and there will be guests later.”

Aunt He was responsive and didn’t think much, she went into the kitchen and started to go busy.

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