MFBILWMA Chapter 7

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Zhou Yizhi returned to the living room, took her shameful province trophy back to her bedroom, put it in the drawer and locked it.

She came out of the room and thought of another thing.

After Xue Xi came to this home in her previous life, Zhou Yizhi, who was very rebellious at that time, deliberately asked the housekeeper to arrange his room in the gardener’s room outside the villa. She was able to order anyone because everything in this villa, Zhou Yizhi, was the one incharge.

Although the gardener’s house was well-equipped, it was no different from the basement. It was cold and humid, and the last gardener only occasionally stayed for a day.

After Xue Xi lived there for two months, Zhou Yizhi’s parents came back and scolded Zhou Yizhi, and Xue Xi’s room was transferred inside to the villa.

At that time, Xue Xi, who had always been silent and had not fully recovered his vocal cords, had to stand up for himself and explain in a silent voice. He said that he arranged this room himself because he felt that the outside air was better and he had not had time to move. Father Zhou didn’t say anything. When her brother said so, she was surprised, again, it was Zhou Yizhi who was being hypocritical back then.

Even so, Zhou Yizhi rejected him again and again, unwilling to go to school with him, let alone go home with him.

She even stopped the driver from picking him up and just let him go to school by himself.

Then one day, on her third year of high school, it was very late when she came back home, at that time she found that the teenager, who was a head taller than herself, was carrying a white-washed school bag and followed her far behind. 

When she came home, she was furious and said a lot of bad words.

Zhou Yizhi felt that she could no longer think about those things, nor would want to recall her unreasonable demands.

She intends to wait for the housekeeper and the driver to return, so that the housekeeper will buy some daily necessities and give her brother a room on the second floor facing south.

After doing this, the guilt that was pressing on Zhou Yizhi’s heart only slightly dissipated.


At this moment, she heard the sound of car brakes coming from the mountainside together with the heavy rain.

Her heart beats suddenly, like a drum. Is he here now?

She hurried to the end of the corridor and looked down through the window.

In her previous life, she waited for someone to be led into the door by the housekeeper, and then walked down the stairs on the second floor impatiently, so naturally she didn’t see this scene.

The black car stopped outside the fence of the villa, and a tall boy in an old school uniform with a schoolbag on one shoulder walked down.

And the car drove into the garage.

Advance Chapters

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