MFBILWMA Chapter 8

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The housekeeper opened the umbrella from behind and hurriedly walked towards the villa, rushing to inform Zhou Yizhi, he didn’t care about the boy behind him being drenched in soup.

But when Xue Xi was waiting for the housekeeper at the entrance of the hospital, he had been in the rain for quite a while, and his body was already soaked, but it was a little wetter now.

The boy’s hair was pitch black, and the rain dripped down the straight bridge of his nose. He stood silently on the side of the car for a while. After hearing the sound of the butler letting him in, he walked towards the villa gate.

He was born beautifully, his eyes were like distant mountains covered in snow, with a little coolness. His feet wore the old pair of shoes like the ones Zhou Yizhi remembers from her previous life, splashed with mud and water, he looked thinly dressed, and the cold wind poured into his neck.

He walked step by step towards the villa and paused.

He seemed to be looking at the mud from the soles of his shoes.

Don’t know if he noticed something as he suddenly raised his head.

Zhou Yizhi almost wanted to run towards his sight, but as she inexplicably felt guilty, she hid under the window from time to time as she silently observed him.

The butler’s voice came from downstairs: “Miss, have you received the mail from your father?”

Zhou Yizhi moved to the top of the stairs in a squatting position, and then stood up. She pulled on the off-white ankle knit dress. Raised her hand and touched the bow head that was randomly set up on the back of her head, she was very much concerned whether she looked good or not.

But thinking that his brother did so much for herself in her previous life, she must be perfect this time for him.

After a while, Zhou Yizhi relaxed and walked downstairs slowly.

The cold youth was already standing at the door.

Zhou Yiyi went downstairs and ran in front of him.

Four eyes face each other.

Zhou Yizhi’s breath started to hasten.   

Although Zhou Yizhi wanted to step forward and hug him very tightly, thinking about her current arrogant character, she couldn’t do this kind of gesture of closeness, anyway—she seemed to be born of being incapable of expressing feelings, and was only able to away all the thorns she had in her previous life.

His gaze was a little flat, it seemed to be no different from the one in her previous life, but this time, unlike her previous life of being impetuous and disdain showing in her eyes, Zhou Yizhi only glanced at him and then looked away, she was still sad and emotional, but couldn’t help to only stare at him.

Gradually, she discovered that the boy’s eyes had been on her for too long.

She took the initiative to speak dryly: “I heard my father say, your name is Xue Xi.”

Xue Xi still looked at her.

After a pause, Zhou Yizhi looked at Xue Xi: “Brother, welcome home.”

Her tone was jerky and stiff, but if one were careful enough, they would notice a slight tremor in it, and the ending sound seemed to be a murmur.

What she said was not a criticism and doesn’t contain any disgust.

It turned out to be just a simple “Welcome Home”.

He never heard her say these four words.

Standing at the door of the villa, Xue Xi, who looked up at her, was stunned on the spot.

Reading this sentence carefully, does this mean Xue Xi also reincarnated? Find out in the next chapters.

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