S3YOC Chapter 21

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“Dad…Dad…Why are you at home?”

Fu Sishen curled his neck like a quail, and turned around tremblingly, just to see his father standing behind him. This scene was comparable to a horror movie for him.

He feels extremely scared as if his father was a ghost.

“I had something to do.” Fu Heng said shortly, obviously not wanting to talk anymore to his youngest son.

Hewalked into the room and picked Qingqing up from the bed, put her in small clothes and trousers skillfully.

Qingqing seemed to be very used to being taken care of by others, she stretched out her arms and legs cooperatively, and got dressed with Fu Heng’s help in just a few moments.

“Are you hungry?”

Fu Heng asked in a low voice, and Fu Sishen at the door was frightened by the obvious hint of gentleness his father showed.

Is this man really his dad?

His dad is a moving iceberg all year round, and he doesn’t even have any other expressions for his mother. The two live like a pair of two-pole magnets, and they will never touch each other.

So this gentleman…is it a facade?

Fu Sishen looked complicated.

“I want to eat ice cream!”

Qingqing, who didn’t know the complex thoughts of the little son at the door, said excitedly, and her head erected with joy, completely forgetting about the previous ‘sugar ban’.

“No.” Sure enough, she was coldly rejected.

“…Oh.” Her initial excitement gradually faded, grieving with fact she can’t eat what she liked.

“Just, give her a little bit, it should be okay, right?”

Fu Sishen couldn’t bear to look at the sad face of the little bun, so he couldn’t help but speak up for Qingqing while facing his father’s deathly glare.

“She has eaten enough today, and if she eats more she will have a stomach ache .”

Fu Heng was unmoved, and coldly refused the youngest son’s proposal.

It was inconvenient to talk here, Fu Heng simply took Qingqing out, and Fu Sishen followed them subconsciously.

Looking at the exceptionally harmonious figures, one big and one small, Fu Sishen still couldn’t hold back the curiosity in his heart: “Dad, who is this kid?”

His brother’s illegitimate daughter?

His parents adopted a little sister?

Could it be his grandfather and grandmother got another baby and this is his little aunt?!

Or grandpa got a mistress outside…

“She is your mother.”

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