S3YOC Chapter 22

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“Oh, it turned out to be my mother… ah???? You said that this little bun is my mother? Dad, is your mind okay?”

Fu Sishen was so frightened with this revelation, that he had forgotten his fear to his father. He Dared to say something was wrong to his father’s mind!

It wasn’t until he saw Fu Heng’s face had darkened that he realized what he had just said, he covered his mouth, and laughed awkwardly to his dad in order to hide his embarrassment.


“The second idiot has appeared in the house.”

Qingqing pointed at Fu Sishen’s and said with her milky voice.

Fu Sishen: “…”

Little bun, can you shut up? This uncle just received a blow!

No… but what the fck is this?

What should I do? My Three Views have broken and should I just believe this?

Fu Sishen was bizarred with this revelation but he still easily accepted this supernatural thing.

He also knew that his dad was a man who always kept his promises and had never lied before. Generally, there is only one answer that can be told from his mouth: facts.

And this fact was not without a trace before.

For example, his brother’s strange attitude towards Qingqing, and Qingqing always calling him son…

“… So, this is actually true.”

He stared blankly at Qingqing’s childish little face which was so similar to himself, and observed her carefully. If Qingqing grows up, her facial features will be exactly the same as his mother.

So this little guy is really…. the fuck?

Why did his mother… got smaller?

Fu Sishen felt really stupid this time.

No way, the impact was too great, he needs to restart his brain.

Without waiting for his silly son to return to his senses, Fu Heng took Qingqing to go out.

Since he discovered that his wife has become bizarrely small, he has dismissed all the servants in the villa immediately in order to prevent the secret from being discovered.

As a result, there was a lack of daily necessities for children at home, and he had to go out and buy them himself.

Before working out on how to change his wife back, Fu Heng decided to hide the news, and declared that Gu Qingqing had gone abroad for a trip.

Anyway, this was also the normal life of a wealthy lady, so no one will doubt anything.

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