S3YOC Chapter 24

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“You…” He stared at his younger son solemnly: “It’s right to read between the atmosphere, but don’t always mess with those messy things with those friends.”

Fu Sishen, who was embarrassed by his misunderstanding, before he could be preached immediately seemed like a cat who only exploded its fur and retorted angrily: “What mess? The current national comic industry has a good prospect…”

However, no one listened to him. Fu Heng had already taken Qingqing and drove away.

“!!!” Fu Sishen, who wanted to shout angrily, could not do it because of his childhood education, he also could not find any suitable vocabulary, and poured himself two large glasses of ice water in anger.

“Uncle, what are we going to buy?” Qing Qing leaned on the window curiously, looking at the regressive scenery outside, and turned to ask Fu Heng.

“We have to buy you everything.” Fu Heng said.

He took Qingqing to the mall to make a big purchase, filled with several big bags, and pressed his hands heavily.

Had it not been for Fu Heng’s habit of exercising all year round and maintaining good physical strength, he might be afraid that he would not be able to hold so many things at once.

Qingqing’s small hands were tied to the anti-lost string, and followed Fu Heng obediently while her short legs were skipping on the ground.

She was just a child and there were too many temptations in the shopping mall. Every time she walks, she will see new things she wanted. If it were not for the anti-lost artifact, she would have forgotten to walk.

“Oh, isn’t this Chairman Fu?” After buying things and preparing to go back, a sharp female voice suddenly came out and walked to their way.

Qingqing was frightened by the sound, and couldn’t help but hide behind Fu Heng, pulling her small body on the other’s lap, looking at the owner of the sound with caution.

That person was a career woman in a business suit, and she was obviously a serious and dignified worker judging from her clothes. Wearing it in front of the other party, she looked like a woman with a sense of aristocracy and violation.

Maybe it has something to do with her overly gorgeous face with delicate makeup.

To be honest, this strange aunt is actually very beautiful, but Qingqing intuitively doesn’t like her.

“Ms. Wu.” Fu Heng paused and greeted quietly.

He didn’t mean to pester the other person too much, he wanted to leave after greeting politely.

But some people acted ignorant, twisted her high heels and stopped in front of them.

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