IJWLHGRAR Chapter 14.4

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“What happened?!”

Su Cheng looked at the number of viewers [96283] displayed in her live broadcast room, and almost threw her mobile phone out in shock.

Previously, when the number of fans in her live broadcast room was the largest, there were only one or two thousand people. What is going on with this over 90,000 people?

After checking the name of the live broadcast room repeatedly, Su Cheng was sure that she had not logged in the wrong account or entered the wrong room.

“Fans, what happened?” Su Cheng asked in a low voice.

[Wow, is the broadcaster a girl? Her voice sounds good. 】

【She was actually a girl, and a great girl with beautiful voice, haha, this is a worthwhile trip.】

【Hey, I feel that the broadcaster is very confused with what’s happening.】

【The host’s dumb voice sounds a little cute. 】

The ids in the message at the moment were all “new faces” that Su Cheng has never seen.

Finally, in the message on the screen, Su Cheng found a familiar name: Xiao Fafa, this is her former fan.

[Big Orange, a boss has come to check your room!]

“Room rounds?”

[Hahaha, this little anchor is not really a newcomer, right? She don’t know what “rounds” means]

【Come on, let us introduce our grand sage. ]

Then Su Cheng noticed a significant difference from other people’s comments.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Your game name is “Orange”, right? I was the tank that played with you yesterday. The trumpet I used yesterday, [ss888], do you still have an impression of that?

Su Cheng: “Yes.” So what?

Su Cheng still looked dumbfounded.

As for this matter, we have to talk about it after Sun Xiaosheng and Su Cheng played a game yesterday and encountered the first golden game.

In yesterday’s game, Su Cheng won beautifully, so that in Sun Xiaosheng’s live broadcast room, not only fans were shocked, but Sun Xiaosheng himself was holding his mobile phone and screamed “Awesome”.

After that Big Brother’s millions of fans did not finish talking, someone soon found Su Cheng and left a message in Sun Xiaosheng’s live broadcast room: [Dasheng, I found the enemy’s Angela, guess what, the other party was also actually doing a live broadcast! The anchor’s name is “Big Orange”]

He soon found Su Cheng because there are fans among Su Cheng’s base who forward the live video.

Although the perspectives are different, by taking a closer look, isn’t it the same game?

[You said that, I remember, the opposite one I also turned to her game forwarding video before, I used to play Daji.] [Yes, a thief.]

【The Great Sage please invite the opposite anchor for another round. The game was so exciting, thatI felt I didn’t watch enough.】

【I second!】

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