IJWLHGRAR Chapter 14.5

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After Sun Xiaosheng talked with his fans for a while, he decided to bring his children to go rounds!

So this was the explanation for what Su Cheng saw when she boarded the live broadcast room today.

Through the summary in the comment area, Su Cheng has a general understanding of the cause and effect.

“Thank you.” Sun Xiaosheng was a very famous anchor in the circle. Of course, Su Cheng has heard of him, but she didn’t expect that she would have the luck of being rounded by the boss.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Why are you so polite?

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Don’t you think that maybe I was here to mess up the field?

Su Cheng: …

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Let’s not talk nonsense anymore, come and play a game?

After yesterday’s game, Sun Xiaosheng wanted Su cheng to play another game, but when the invitation was sent, Su Cheng was already offline.

“Okay.” Su Cheng clicked on the game and found that there was a friend application sent by Sun Xiaosheng, and Su Cheng immediately agreed.

[Sun Xiaosheng ]: You really don’t have any other heroes?

Su Cheng: “No.”

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Okay, then I’ll use a low quality hero too, just play like you did in the golden game.

This time Sun Xiaosheng and Su Cheng were on the same team.

Everyone can tell that the great saint was deliberately trying to get this newcomer little anchor, otherwise he will just go back to his live broadcast room to play.

As for the reason, it can only be said that this big man was not only interested in her technical control, but also with her voice. It just so happens that Su Cheng hits the big man’s interest in both aspects.

The appeal of a boss is really extraordinary.

After two rounds, the number of viewers in Su Cheng’s live broadcast room has broken through 100,000.

At the end of the live broadcast, Su Cheng’s family of fans soared to more than 80,000. In one night, her live broadcast income actually got more than 5,000 yuan.

“Be calm, be calm…” Su Cheng said as she patted her smiling face.

After the excitement, Su Cheng specially thanked Sun Xiaosheng.

[Big Orange]: Thank you Dasheng!

[Sun Xiaosheng]: You are welcome, this is not the first time I have checked the room of a small anchor.

The main reason is that Su Cheng has good skills, so she can keep many fans.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Want to play more games?

[Big Orange]: I’m sorry, I have to go to study, and come back tomorrow.

[Sun Xiaosheng]: Damn, still a student?!

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