MFBILWMA Chapter 9

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Two hours ago, Xue Xi suddenly found himself standing on the corridor on the fifth floor of the inpatient department with people coming and going, mixed with the smell of disinfectant, food, and sweat. The exhausted and complaining scenes filled with family members were very familiar, as if it was happening in slow motion.

He remembers that he was still in a plane crash a second ago. The sharp call sign, the crowd screaming in horror, all the noise shrank sharply, penetrating through his eardrum.

In the next second, as he slowly opened his eyes, he lowered his gaze and realized that there was no longer darkness in front of him and he was carrying an old thermos bucket in his hand.

When he turned around, the ward behind him there was his grandma lying on the inpatient bedside haggardly.


    The memories of autumn of the year when he was sixteen was extremely tormenting for Xue Xi.

    In the midsummer, he worked outside from morning to night. He went out to carry mineral water to the restaurant at 4 in the morning. The salary was settled. It was not bad. During the day, he took two hours of tutoring by showing all his competition awards. The tutor work was easy to find, as the school teacher helped him by introducing him to various families in need of tutors. It was also very reliable. It was just a morning plus an afternoon class, and the salary was not much. In the evening, he will go to the Internet cafe to repair the computer and watch the shop, so he can solve the problem of not having dinner.

    The town where his grandfather is located was not big. No one knows that he was the son of a politic who committed suicide. They treated him as an ordinary high school student.

    After spending his days like this in the past 2 months, he was so tired everyday that when he went home he would fall asleep immediately, fortunately, in addition to buying medicine for his grandma, he was also able to pay for his tuition.

    At the end of the summer vacation, his life as a sixteen-year-old was finally much more relaxed.

    Three years ago, he lost his voice overnight and couldn’t find out what the reason was. Later, he simply didn’t check, so he could communicate with pen and paper that also saved medical expenses.

    Fortunately, in the past three years, even without treatment, his damaged vocal cords were still gradually recovering, but maybe he hasn’t spoken for a long time, that his speech was a bit jerky, so he tries to express what he wanted by writing most of the time.

As the time passed by, he thought that there was still some hope in his life.

    For this reason, he also told Grandpa not to take some piecework work such as repairing shoes for a long time, but he got his eyes blinded.

    Unexpectedly, a few days later, Grandpa developed a high fever without warning.

    He was unconscious when he was admitted to the hospital and died soon afterwards.

    Birth, old age, sickness and death are normal, not to mention that it was not the first time a teenager has handled funerals by himself.

    He stood up in silence, went to the hospital to settle medical expenses, contacted the funeral home, and bought the cemetery.

    The tuition fees earned during the summer vacation were immediately emptied.

    The cold wave of autumn came overnight, and the leaves of the town fell out, showing the appearance of being withered.

There was only one elderly and frail grandmother who was sometimes sober, sometimes confused, and dizzy at his side.

    Then, the Zhou family heard about this and contacted him.

    He still remembers his childhood, when he was separated at the airport from his parents and taken away by the two families. He clenched the five-year-old girl’s hand as if he was holding the glass bead he wanted most. The pinch made her small hands red, and the circles of her eyes were also red and looked at him disgustingly.

    But he didn’t let go of her hand.

    His father still hadn’t become a notorious corrupt official from the news that day, and no one was against him. He was still an elegant middle-aged man. He always smiled and said to him whether he understood what the quote “the future will be long.” means.

    He and Zhizhi will meet again someday.

    How can he think that when that someday came, he would be standing tensely at the door of her house, wearing old school uniforms and badly worn shoes, also he was very tired after his grandfather’s funeral, even though he knew he was going to see her. He can’t change his pair of shoes.

    He knew that he was an embarrassment, and he could only bend over to wipe the mud spots on the soles of his shoes before stepping into the door, so that he could be decent when standing in front of her.

    But she still stared at him condescendingly, and still frowned.

    At that moment, his throat was dry, and the young man had nothing but a little bit of self-esteem. He stood there while looking down, his heart was already overwhelmed, but his face was showing only calmness. All the senses have been magnified, and then crushed into a ball. He had nowhere to hide, so he straightened his back and looked at her blankly.

    She was still the same aloof person. 

And he seemed to have lost the qualification to hold that beautiful glass bead.

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