GMTB Chapter-10 Nightmare (2)

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He doesn’t like turning on the lights, and he doesn’t like a lot of furniture.

Hence his home is empty, with post-modern paintings hung on the walls, which is dark and scary.

But today is different.

Shen Youbai opened the door, almost blinded by the bright light.

A woman sits on the sofa, wearing a cashmere dress.

In the light, the ruby necklace on her neck shone with fine light.

Her hand flipping the newspaper wears a diamond ring.

Shen Youbai thought to remind her that the robbers here were too troublesome and might even cut off her fingers and snatch her rings away.

Jian Yue raised her head and raised her slender eyes, “Are you back for dinner?”

Shen Youbai was indifferent to her question, but he still nodded coldly, “Yeah.”

He went to the living room. It was too bright for him, making him a little uncomfortable and he wrinkled his eyebrows, “Where’s dad?”

Jian Yue opened the newspaper again, her eyes continued reading it as she replied, “On the balcony.”

Shen Youbai had not yet entered the balcony, but he could see a broad back.

Sensing that someone was approaching behind him, Shen Wensong did not look back, but took out an metal box from his pocket.

Just as Shen Youbai came up, Shen Wensong handed the box to him.

Inside were long hand rolled cigars arranged neatly.

Shen Wensong said, “Since you can’t quit, you might as well smoke some good ones.”

Shen Youbai leaned over and threw the metal box on the balcony table. He took the cigarette box next to him and pulled out a lighter.

He blocked the wind with one hand. The other hand held the lighter that had nearly run out of oil. He had to try several times before it lit up.

After lighting it, he took a breath and puffed out smoke, “When are you going to leave?”

Shen Wensong looked unhappy and said coldly, “I’ve just come home and you ask me when I’m leaving? Don’t you think you’ve gone too far? Shen Youbai.”

Shen Youbai calmly asked, “Do you think of this as a family?”

He shook the ashes, “You have a lot of houses. This is just another house you bought for me.”

Shen Wensong did not respond, and the atmosphere froze to below zero for a moment.

Shen Youbai became more comfortable and turned to face the back room, “Look at the woman in the living room…”

“Be respectful. She is your mother.”

Shen Youbai suddenly burst out a smile and said, “Look at my mother.”

After a pause, he said, “What a gorgeous body.”

“Look at me.”

Shen Youbai smiled, “What a pitiful child.”

Shen Wensong does feel guilty about Shen Youbai, but every time he sees him, he remembers bad memories, so he said, “Do you think I caused all this?”

That night, Shen Wensong left.

In less than an hour, Jian Yue was also ready to leave.

It’s raining.

Shen Youbai walked with her while holding an umbrella, he escorted her into the car.

He returned alone. The wind blew from the darkness and instantly swept away the temperature of his body.

As cold as a glacier.

He walked into a 24/7 convenience store at the intersection and bought a box of cigarettes and a lighter.

He turned around, only to see Xu Pinyu standing outside.

He was stunned and he cursed unintentionally. What bad luck.


Because the rain wet her.

Her hair sticks to her cheeks, like sweat left over from intense sex.

Today, he got to know what it feels like to kiss her, and now he can’t be satisfied with just that.

Wouldn’t it be bad luck to let him see her like this now?

When he returned home in the rain he turned off all the lights.

Only the wall lamp on the wall of the painting room is left on.

He is standing in front of an easel, the canvas is blank.

How clean, just like Xu Pinyu.

If it really is her…

He takes a pair of scissors, plunges it into the canvas, and slowly slides down. The rough sound of cloth being cut is heard.

Looking at the hairy tear, there is a black hole in the back.

It wasn’t completely like her. At least, not the body behind the canvas.

He thought of it as her clothes.

Occasionally he would speculate, which one would make him feel better, smoking or having sex with her.

There were always a few nights where he would go crazy thinking about how much he wanted to fuck her.

The next day.

The play was scheduled in the afternoon, and he waited until it was afternoon before going to school.

Recently Zhou Qishan seemed to have found an idea that would make him(Shen Youbai) depressed.

Shen Youbai had already noticed it, but he kept silent about it.

It was not so much silence as it was indifference.

Shen Youbai couldn’t imagine how any woman would look like underneath him. It felt disgusting to think about.

But as long as he thought of Xu Pinyu, there was a burst of heat.

He sat on the prop box and hurriedly lit his cigarette.

The nicotine from the tobacco helped cool down the fire.

But it was only temporarily.

Modern European writers often compared unattainable dreams to a dark green, amber-like fire.

Shen Youbai quietly listened to the voices of the men and women on the other side of the curtain, who were saying their dialogues grandiosely.

In his mind, he kept on recalling the touch of yesterday.

Speaking of which, he really wants to thank Zhou Qishan.

Thank him for making such a boring bet.

How to describe the dark environment at that time.

He felt like he was being swallowed by a spider.

And her existence was dark green.

It was very strange. Shen Youbai’s eyes had already adapted to the darkness and outlined her figure, but her eyes couldn’t seem to focus.

When he approached Xu Pinyu, she unexpectedly reached out and touched him.


No way. It wasn’t enough.

He approached her.

Until her soft chest was about to touch him.

Shen Youbai stopped and didn’t move forward, otherwise he would do something without being able to control himself

But what about her?

The kiss came.

The kiss came recklessly.

During the time he kissed her, Shen Youbai thought about how to preserve her as a specimen.

To make it possible to touch her like this every night.

She pushed Shen Youbai away for the first time. His reason had still not returned because he never had such a thing from the beginning.

After letting her escape the second time, Shen Youbai found her acting arrogant.

When she was arguing with Wei Yixun at the top of the stairs, he chose to ignore it.

Just as he had never dared to think, if she had ever done it with Wei Yixun.

Never dared to.

He was afraid that he would do it. He would hollow out her lower body which had been manipulated by others, and then make her into a specimen.

Shen Youbai still hadn’t distinguished the smell of the flowers on her body.

But who cares about distinguishing.

No matter how fragrant it was, it was all in another person’s garden, and he had no right to ask.

But after tasting it, it was too difficult to ask him to be patient.

The leather smell of tobacco diffused into his mouth and nose, and cooled down his throat.

A long dialogue was being said, suddenly he heard a sentence——

When desire is not diminished, it is inevitable that I will feel melancholy.

It was as if it was insinuating Shen Youbai.

There was a deep cry on the other side of the curtain, “My God please kill her. Then I will not have sorrow and anger, I will sleep with her, and when the world finds us, there is only the body that has lost its soul.”


Shen Youbai finally returned to his senses.

If you can’t get her, it’s better to destroy her.

Hey guys, new chapter here. This time from Shen Youbai’s POV. Let me know what you think of it.

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