S3YOC Chapter 26

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“What’s the situation before?”

“I don’t know, maybe we met a rich family drama?” 

“She looks like a refined porcelain.”

“This man crying is a bit ugly.”

“Look, that little baby is so cute.”

…The crowd’s unexpected reaction made the secret photographer’s face twisted for a moment.

He secretly cursed this group of idiots as really useless, but on the surface he still made that crying confession, and even knocked his head on the floor in front of Fu Heng cruelly.

“Chairman Fu, please let me go. I just accidentally just took a picture of you. Are you just going to sue me like this? My family is too poor, and I have two children to raise. How will they live if you sue me?”

Onlookers heard keywords like “chairman”, “accidentally photographed”, “sue people”, “poor father”, etc., this filled their minds with the arrogant and rich people in just a minute. 

People deliberately bully and make things difficult for these poor fathers.

This obviously aroused some people’s hatred for the rich, and the direction of discussion in the crowd changed unconsciously.

“Isn’t it because he just accidentally took a few photos? Suing people for just this case?”

“Maybe he has done something wrong, so that’s why he is so afraid of being photographed?”

“I just saw this man with another pretty beautiful beauty being clingy, I’m sure, that beauty is a mistress of this chairman.”

“Tsk tusk tusk…the kid was also there at that time, this family is really messy.”

“Don’t mess up if you don’t understand the situation. Say, what should I do if they misunderstand?”

The whispers of the crowd grew and entered the ears of Qingqing, and all those stares made her feel uncomfortable.

Qingaiqg, who had never seen such a scene, was frightened and hid behind Fu Heng with a look of fear.

“Uncle, I’m afraid…”

Fu Heng’s face was cold, his eyes  showed that he was really angry.

Seeing more and more people gathering, some even took out their mobile phones to take pictures and videos, he became more worried that they would hurt Qingqing, Fu Heng simply threw away the shopping bag he was carrying in his other hand, took off his jacket, wrapped Qingqing whole, and hugged her and left quickly.

Qingqing’s little hands firmly grasped Fu Heng’s thin shirt, her face turned pale and her eyes were full of fear.

Through the gaps in her clothes, she saw the terrible appearance of the adults outside, and she was puzzled.

Did just Qingqing do something wrong?

As if sensing Qingqing’s heart, Fu Heng moved his big hand and pressed his palm against her small head, so that Qing Qing was buried in his arms. The deep and thick voice was particularly firm and powerful: “You’re alright.”

Why did things suddenly happen? Will it become like this also in the future?

In fact, not only Qingqing didn’t understand, but everyone involved in this matter might not understand.

They just suddenly had a vent, and then they vented the negative emotions that have accumulated in their lives for a long time.

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