S3YOC Chapter 27

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Regardless of whether the besieged person is really guilty or not, maybe he is just a hapless victim.

But who told them to give others the opportunity to hurt you?

“Is this a guilty conscience about to run away?”

Seeing that Fu Heng was about to take the child to break through the encirclement and leave, the candid photographer who did not know when he had put on his hat and hid in the crowd immediately pinched his throat.

His initial fear of Fu Heng has turned into full of malice.

“Hey, apologize to others.”

Immediately, someone who pretended to be righteous stood up and justified the candid shooter, even if the person concerned has long been missing.

After stopping, Fu Heng tilted his head slightly, his cold eyes fixed precisely on the sneak shots in the crowd.

“Shopping malls, there is monitoring.”

Just five words, immediately poured cold water on the noisy crowd.

They were stunned. Some reasonable people realized something, and immediately raised their heads to glance at the surveillance cameras distributed in all directions in the mall, and then hurriedly left with their faces in the next second.

Seeing this, other people also felt bored and left in twos and threes.

The crowd suddenly dispersed, and the candid photographer who was left alone in a cold sweat was full of regret.

“Did I just become a fool, I was on impulse and completely offended Chairman Fu!”


There was no need to wait until the next day. That night, there was an article titled [Chairman Fu’s shopping mall was hit by a chain] The title was top searched.

Quite a few people who were idle at night and did nothing to do, just scrolled Weibo and went in curiously. The first Weibo was the official lawyer letter of the Fu Group and a surveillance video of the shopping mall.

The content of the video is quite long. Everything from Fu Heng to Wu Li when he took his children shopping in the mall and preparing to go home, to discovering that they were secretly photographed, and all the developments that led to the gathering incident were clearly recorded.

Even the audio is quite clear.

At least people who have watched the whole process will never fail to understand what happened.

Moreover, this surveillance angle is a coincidence that all the sneak shots of the sneak shots were recorded clearly.

On the contrary, Qingqing, one of the protagonists of the video, is always blocked by various legs because of her height among the tall audience.

Occasionally, her appearance were also marked with mosaics, from head to toe, it can be said to be extremely tightly protected.

This kind of rare and strange thing in real life instantly detonated the burning point of the majority of netizens, and everyone crackled typing and left their own passionate comments.

[Strawberry’s Meow: Chairman Fu life is too miserable. If he buy anything with a baby, he can meet the modern scheming.】

【Bald girl: The baby is so pitiful, such a bad thing happened at such a young age, will it leave a psychological shadow in the future?】

【I want to get rich: It turns out that the sprayer is still a sprayer after leaving the keyboard. 】

[Social Brother Peggy: Isn’t the highlight that Chairman Fu is domineering and tough, and accuses all the “scandal predecessors” and the sneak shots for extortion?】

【The first person who eats melon: mmmm…I saw it, and the beauty in the video was also sued. The reason was that she suspected that she had cooperated with the secretly cameraman and also was suspected of extortion, which was a bit funny.】

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