S3YOC Chapter 28

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Immediately below this official blog is a legal letter issued by the local police.

No one thought that Fu Heng would actually keep the photos that were previously shot at him deliberately.

He also made a special account book, carefully recording the price of the “coerced” photographer to shoot these photos, its various transfer records, chat records and other evidence.

All these evidence were handed over to the police, because the accumulated amount involved was huge and the timeline span was long, this is no longer a simple case of extortion.

Therefore, the police attached great importance to it and were ready to thoroughly investigate the case.

Under this official blog, there are only two kinds of messages left by netizens.

[…] And [How Great husband is your Chairman Fu.] 

Fu Heng’s operation was indeed unexpected.

Perhaps, the woman who was photographed simply wanted to hook up with Fu Heng, and did dominate the production of some photos, but her intention was definitely substitute Gu Qingqing.

But no matter what the process was, after this incident, no one dared to think about doing scheme on Fu Heng, a top-tier diamond married man.

They were afraid of this loyal man that they didn’t even dared to see him anymore.

Unlike the surging wind outside, the Fu family was quite calm at this time.

Qingqing was not acting as others imagined, this incident didn’t leave any psychological shadow on her at all.

She was wearing a little wet clothes at this time, her hair sticking to her face squishy, holding a Mizukura full of ammunition in her hand (Water Gun), she was screaming happily, while spraying water everywhere in the house.

“Hey…” Qingqing smirked mischievously as she pointed at Fu Sishen, frightening his face.

“You… don’t come here… if you come near me I am going to call dad!” He looked like a good-looking woman who was molested by a gangster.

“There is no one at home.” Therefore Qingqing has no fear.

Fu Sishen now fully explained what it means to be self-inflicted and not to live.

He just saw the news on the Internet and was worried that Qingqing might be in a bad mood or something, so he deliberately ordered an errand takeaway and sent a lot of toys to him, wanting to make Qingqing happy.

Who knew that when Qingqing saw the Mizuki toy among the pile, she would immediately want to play the Mizuki warehouse battle, and insisted that Fu Sishen would play with her.

In order to deal with follow-up matters, Fu Heng had gone out a long time ago, and Fu Sijin had to work overtime, so there was not only Fu Sishen left at home looking after the child.

But Fu Sishen himself is just an older child, how can he be reliable?

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