S3YOC Chapter 29

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What will happen if two kids play in the water together? Just look at the disaster that happened at home, it looked like a tsunami just happened.

If Mom were to see these.

Not only that, Fu Sishen, who lost the Mizukura battle, was exhausted and didn’t want to play.

But Qingqing, who was still interested and energetic, didn’t want to stop. She continued to play wildly with her new toys, making the messy home even more messy, and seeing this, Fu Sishen was frightened.

After realizing it, he only felt chill at the back of his neck.

He finally realized that he might suffer.

At this time, the door of the Fu family was opened from the outside, and a slender figure in a straight suit appeared behind the door.

Fu Sishen lost his composure.

“Qingqing!” Fu Sishen shouted in shock.

Qingqing was frightened and shivered. The water gun on her hand fell on the ground and she did not dare to pick it up. She stared timidly at the visitor standing at the door, knowing that she was in trouble.

“Uncle, I’m sorry, my mother… Qingqing didn’t mean it, you wiped it quickly.” He looke left and right, but he still didn’t find a clean cloth to wipe Gu Lan’s face, Fu Sishen felt a little numb.

What if his uncle gets angry?

Should he wait for his big brother and fatherl first?


Gu Lan took a deep breath and pressed the blue veins popping on his forehead one by one, and then pulled the corners of his mouth apart without a smile: “This is your Fu Home’s welcome ceremony?” His tone possesses some sarcasm in it.

“Yes… I’m sorry.”

Qingqing, who was conscious that she did something wrong, walked in front of Gu Lan cautiously, and apologized obediently with her head hanging down.

The water droplets on her hair couldn’t withstand the call of gravity. They dropped along the tips of her hair, dripping on the ground, splashing a few small splashes, and looking condescendingly, it was like Qingqing was crying.

Gu Lan froze, and then unnaturally said, “I didn’t blame you, why are you crying.”

He glanced secretly.

I’m so annoyed, why are the tears still falling?

Fu Sishen rudely pulled the clean towel he just found and put it on Qingqing’s head, rubbing her head with both of his hands.

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