IJWLHGRAR Chapter 15.1

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In the morning, when Su Cheng was about to go out to school, she was stopped by Gu Cheng again.

Gu Cheng’s car stopped in front of the gate of the villa, while Gu Cheng was standing in front of the car.

After stopping Su Cheng, he seemed to be silent for a moment, and then Gu Cheng said to Su Cheng with a slightly muffled voice: “

“Get in the car.” Su Cheng glanced at Gu Cheng suspiciously: Let her in the car? This guy has just recovered from his illness, and has already started trying to harm her again?

It’s no wonder that Su Cheng used the worst possibility to speculate about Gu Cheng. It is true that this guy has done too many things like this in his previous life, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Su Cheng didn’t speak, and indifferently bypassed Gu Cheng and left.

“It’s raining outside.” As soon as Gu Cheng said those words, Su Cheng pulled out an umbrella from her school bag.

Su Cheng once again rejected someone’s “good intentions” with practical actions.

Upon seeing this, Gu Cheng had no choice but to just say: “wear more.” Upon hearing this, Su Cheng almost laughed: Is this guy sick? Actually let her wear more clothes on a hot day.

Su Cheng ignored Gu Cheng.


Su Cheng got called by the biology class representatives into the classroom they saw themselves standing next to the desk, still holding tables: Exactly Su Cheng sign up yesterday’s biological contest entry form.

“Su Cheng, you are here, this, your registration form”, the biology class representative handed the registration form to Su Cheng, and said with an embarrassment: “I handed it in together yesterday, but yours was brushed off. “

Wen Yan, Su Cheng brow Wei Cui, the other asked:”This is the right quota?”

How could the organizing committee be anxious to have more people sign it. “Beside Huang Yuqi said.That there was indeed no quota limit.” The biology class representative hesitated and said again: “Ms. Fang asked me to return it to you. Maybe she don’t think you are suitable for this.”

“Why is it not suitable, is Teacher Fang looking down on a scumbag?” Huang Yuqi was a little angry.

“This ……”

“I know,” Su Cheng nor embarrassed on behalf of biology class, took her registration form from the other man: “I will go and ask the teacher.”

Su Cheng came to the biology teacher’s office, handed over the registration form from her hand to the other party solemnly: “Teacher, I want to participate in this biology competition, I hope you can give me this opportunity.”

Su Cheng’s attitude is sincere, and the biology teacher almost nodded. Just thinking about the student’s biology test results, the teacher instantly became calm.

“How many points did you score in the monthly biology test?”

Su Cheng: “60.”

Originally, Su Cheng only scored 59 points. The added one was because the teacher sees that the student’s test paper is written neatly and pretty.

“The monthly exam in school is the most basic question. And you only scored 60 points. What are you going to do by participating in the biology competition?”

“It’s not that the teacher wants to hit you. Your current basic knowledge is weak, and what you need the most is to be serious and practical. Learn from your teacher’s classroom lesson and make up like the other students who are lagging behind, instead of thinking about a biology competition.”

A student who fails to master the basic knowledge has to participate in a national biology competition. Isn’t it funny?

“In short, it is a good thing that you want to participare, but the competition is not suitable for you now, and you don’t need to send a registration fee to the competition group in vain, understand?” The biology teacher said this truthfully, and Su Cheng also listened carefully.

However, Su Cheng was still unwilling to give up this competition.

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